How do I make the file main? Thanks to Andrew for a couple of the ideas presented here. LyX obeys most of the styling information specified by the preamble we created above. In LyX, this is done using child documents. This task was probably simplified by the fact that the provided document class inherited from the standard report class. Thank you for your help. If you writing a thesis it is quite likely that your university or department has a LaTeX document class available.

I notice that the linespace setting can be changed in the file anuthesis. Mobius Pizza Mobius Pizza 1, 1 14 However, this change applies to the global text. It might be that lyx is overriding something. Hey man, great post.

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Let me put a list of the ones that I feel more important when writing a thesis. Fortunately I found a simpler solution. Make sure you keep your bib file tutoral to date. MorganRodgers The rules for the formatting might be set by the department.

I think you and yo’ are both right. Break your document in small manageable files. At least when it comes to how you abbreviate the journal names. I have used LyX in the past and am well versed in knitr and have some working knowledge of LaTeX, but I have been limited to working in it only within LyX.


SchumacherMicodarthbith Oct 20 ’15 at This is a short tutorial explaining this decision and how it was accomplished. I will walk through the creation of a single child document here.

Memoir already incorporates some of the common packages. Fortunately it is a simple matter to maintain a patch file with the necessary changes and apply it to the exported LaTeX file after revisions have tutoroal made.

lyx thesis tutorial

Before I begin writing my thesis, I wanted to write to this community for any advice on what to do and what not to do. Asking for each person’s experience is a way to having loads of answers, none of them of any particular help.

Of course this can occur, I guess, with LaTeX, but you will have much less problems managing the LaTeX content, instead of trying to understand LyX behind the scenes work.

Thank you very much for the help.

If your anything like me, you have a mixture of past papers you have written in LaTeX, as well as a bunch of notes and drafts in LyX. Nice to have a tutorial on their document class. Try typing to proceed. Thank you for your template! Same problem here, the include is not dynamic. Another approach could be keeping everything in Dropbox. Divide your thesis into chapters duh! At any stage you will be able to adjust the typeset output to the needs of drafting or meeting your university’s regulations.


Keep your figures in one figures directory maybe one directory per tbesis It gives you all of the power of LaTeX if you want it but also offers a more traditional word processor like interface.

lyx thesis tutorial

I’ll add a comment here: Unicorn Meta Zoo 3: LyX supports using multiple different bib files, which would appear useful if your combining multiple papers you have written into a thesis. StatsStudent Some additional comments: However, not-numbered chapters still report the title of the previous chapter in the pdf!

Thesis writing using Lyx

Hello Aaron Thank you for the great template! It will make you accustomed to their syntax and the output they produce will definitely be a plus for your thesis. Thanks so much for your wisdom as well.

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