The statement of intent should be pages and must:. During January Term of your junior year or earlier begin thinking about what topic you want to write on. What are the broader implications of the project and how will those be brought into the thesis? The Chair of the International Relations Department may also attend honors examinations. Few faculty members have the time to learn a new topic along with a student, much as they would like to.

If the independent work is to be submitted for honors consideration, the advisor must so notify the faculty of the Politics Department, indicating the title of the essay and the composition of the examining committee. Revise entire project; format; submit to the entire department. The links on the left provide additional information. Your advisor will return the draft with comments no later than 10 days after receiving it. Access and Inclusion Jump to content Jump to Navigation. You will be notified before the end of the semester whether you have made sufficient progress to continue.

mhc honors thesis

For example, during your Sophomore and Junior years, you should look at the various courses offered—both honogs Mount Holyoke and honorss the Five Colleges—and be sure to take courses related to your intended area of honors research, well before you begin writing your thesis in your Senior year. Submission of project to the department May: Give an oral presentation and defense of your thesis. What have others written on this topic?

Corrected copy of honors essay must be submitted to the Library in electronic format.


Senior Thesis / Independent Study | Mount Holyoke College

Write a Two to Three Page Prospectus. The average length of an International Relations honors thesis is pages.

mhc honors thesis

Both of these attitudes can lead to panic, and panic is seldom good. You will be notified immediately following the defense whether you have passed.

Senior Thesis / Independent Study

A student writing a thesis in her special major must convene a special honors committee consisting of at least five faculty: The senior thesis gives you htesis chance to explore an intellectual question of your own design. Start forming your thesis committee. Final draft of thesis due.

mhc honors thesis

Notification of ohnors or rejection will be given before the end of the semester. Explore research funding options, if necessary. Advance Planning If you are writing on a topic within a field in which you have never taken a class, you will have to do a substantial amount of work during the summer before your senior year.

You will be notified before the end of the semester whether you have made sufficient progress to continue. Does the plan require particular skills e. The honors examination, which normally lasts an hour, usually occurs during the reading period and the week of final examinations.

Your thesis work will be valuable whatever you do after graduation, but it will also introduce you to a central component of philosophical practice: Or you might confirm an existing argument by marshaling new evidence. Submit proposal to advisor; write Introduction October: Survey the canonical answers to your question. After consulting with their thesis adviser, students should contact the other members of their thesis committee and settle on a date and time for the oral examination.


You will use the meetings with your advisor to discuss your plan for shoots as well as to review selected footage.

Honors Work

Prepare your final draft, which is due on May 1st. September of Senior Year The purpose of the thesis proposal is to help you organize and define your topic and to inform International Relations faculty about who is working with whom and on what subjects. If you are planning to do a production thesis, it is at this point that you should begin researching your topic and securing permissions from subjects documentary or drafting the script narrative.

An honors thesis must make an original contribution to the literature. Friday, September 21,at 3: The Chair of the International Relations Department may also attend honors examinations.

The advisor and the second reader shall evaluate this first draft to determine whether or not it shows promise of honors quality.

thesos What is the point of your thesis project? Look at all the classes you have taken, including those not in film studies. The prospectus should be sent to Linda Chesky Fernandes lfernand mtholyoke.

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