Will the thesis use qualitative, quantitative, or interpretive methods? Procedures Before You Begin Pursuing an honors thesis is a substantial undertaking, requiring a great deal of independent work. First day of classes: At this time, two copies of the paper are due in the Department office, in addition to the three copies distributed to members of the examining committee. Copies must be given to all three members of your committee and follow the Formatting instructions. Why does this thesis matter for the study of politics? Access and Inclusion Jump to content Jump to Navigation.

Include a reading list. Find faculty advisor for the project Register for a Politics for following Fall semester Submit a page statement of intent to the department Strongly Encouraged for Summer Write thesis proposal Review college IRB guidelines and apply for IRB approval, if applicable Do most of the research: What is the primary source material or evidence? You can ask any member of the department to advise you on your thesis. If you are permitted to proceed for the spring semester, you should have completed approximately half of the writing of your project, or a rough edit of the film when you return to school after the winter break. Students should also explore funding options for research-related expenses, if applicable.

Access and Inclusion Jump to content Jump honorss Navigation. What have others written on this topic? Producing a Senior Thesis Project If you are creating a moving image project, the process is similar to that described above.

mhc honors thesis

A Member of the. The honors examination, which normally lasts an hour, usually occurs during the reading period and the week of final examinations. May 1st, Senior Year Final draft of thesis due. What concepts and theories will be used? Any student beginning an honors honofs should be prepared to write a thesis of between pages. An original argument requires primary research if it is to be sustained.

Honors Thesis and Independent Study | Mount Holyoke College

The student will receive a letter from the AAB before graduation informing them of the level of hhesis they have earned. The prospectus should be sent to Linda Chesky Fernandes lfernand mtholyoke. The thesis is an extended essay, so it must have an argument. Discuss with your advisor whether the project should be considered for Honors.


Honors Thesis and Independent Study

How will your demonstrate your central argument and claims? A question that you really care about will sustain your effort. Working on your thesis will likely be the most challenging experience you have had, and may well be the most rewarding. Honors Thesis Film Studies majors may work on theses in their senior year if they they have a 3.

Students are responsible for determining the date htesis time for this oral examination or “defense” of their thesis. No matter how focused you believe your hoonrs topic is, it will inevitably grow as you research and write the thesis.

The senior thesis gives you the chance to explore an intellectual question of your own design. Corrected copy of honors essay must be submitted to the Library in electronic format. The purpose of the thesis proposal is to help the student organize and define the topic and to inform Politics faculty about who is working with whom and on what subjects.

The College limits the number of independent credits to eight in the sophomore and junior years. You will be notified before the end of the semester whether you have made sufficient progress to continue.

Usually, this means enrolling in Politics for both the Fall and Spring semesters. Students must be aware of regulations within their own departments or programs and are strongly advised to check the appropriate websites or meet with appropriate faculty, including department or program chairs. The oral examination is designed to test the student’s command of the mbc and to evaluate the significance of the thesis as part of the field. Write theais short summary or response paper for each article or book you read while you are working toward your thesis – this information becomes very useful as the thesis progresses.


In order to have their independent work eligible for honors consideration, the student must submit, by one week before the beginning of spring semester classes, a first draft of their independent work to the advisor of their independent work and to the faculty member mgc would serve as the second reader of an essay later submitted to the Politics Department for honors consideration.

Now that you know the field better, you must be more specific in the problem you are addressing – the odds are that the question or topic you began with in the spring honoors your junior year was too broad. Although July 1st is the official deadline, we strongly recommend that students prepare the final copy tjesis their thesis and submit it to the library before they leave campus.

In accordance with college policy, work conducted under the honors program remains independent study until it is approved by the student’s advisor, examining committee, and other faculty members in the program as honors work.

Why tehsis this thesis matter for the study of politics?

mhc honors thesis

A thesis which does not result in a recommendation for a degree with distinction will be recorded on the student’s transcript as independent study. By late April of Junior year, you must make clear your intention to pursue Honors.

September of Senior Year The purpose of the thesis proposal is to help you organize and define your topic and to inform International Relations faculty about who is working with whom and on what subjects. Complete draft due to advisor and second reader Late January:

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