This has been progressively improved. The Farmland was destroyed by the ash and this made the farmlands useless, and many lost there jobs because of it. The evolution of the institutional responses 2. Read these excellent case study notes. Outside the crisis periods during which it activates the control process, the INDUCE roommates a certain number of rules and recommendations Memorandum Order aimed at improving the system of response to disasters.

They comfort themselves by awaiting their return to their native places, maybe in a few years. This has been progressively improved. What they could have done. Stress also touches those still living near the alular channels which are active during rainy season periods, and among those anxiously awaiting the warning signals. After May 28th, the amount of sulfur dioxide that was being released by the volcano increased by a lot, showing that pressure was growing from inside the volcano.

But the main source of difficulties and danger stems from the fact that one part of the population, at least those most threatened, insist on remaining in their native villages, or on returning there systematically until the coming of the Lars.

Case study of mount pinatubo | Case Study Template

The very strong shudy of these people, for one part rural, dtudy their origins, does nothing but reinforces their behavior. Some subsistence activities have also been created: An analysis of Hess responses gives a glimpse of a certain number of strong points, as well as some weaknesses in the Philippine system of natural disasters management.

Those who didn’t return home had to migrate to Manila. As for the Passing-Potters watershed, the towns of Stop.

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The weaknesses in the institutional response system As we could see through the brief analysis of recent crises linked ponatubo the eruption of Met Punctuation, the Philippine system of prevention and management of natural disasters shows a certain number of strength points. Clark Air Base Umbilical, Pangaea.


Different complementary shifts allow for the validation and confirmation of the warning, or the involvement of other crisis control participants, such as media and various government agencies. Protests against the policy of channeling the Lars and of creating vast spreading zones are often vehement.

What happened during and right before the eruption? It is in this capacity that it played a major role in the control of the Met Punctuation eruption.

Mount Pinatubo Case Study (What happened during and right before the…

In fact, though the setting up of these structures has stury simplified by a good national knowledge of natural disasters and strong international collaboration, they do not always have the expected scope or efficiency. The government created multiple shelters for disease control and long term aid.

The Farmland was destroyed by the ash and this made the farmlands useless, and many lost there jobs because of it. Farmland destroyed by falling ash and pumice, unusable for years, the harvest was destroyed andpeople lost their jobs. The official theoretic response system The first decree relative to the control of catastrophes in the Philippines dates back to Republic of the Philippines, Research this excellent website.

On April 2nd the volcano showed signs of volcanic activity, which slowly became stronger.

mount pinatubo case study ppt

Huge economic losses and population exodus have followed. Alert systems put into place to warn of eruption. However, the analysis of the responses and the reactions of the populations, as well as those of the other official or non-official participants involved in crises management, media included, still shows a number of deficiencies and dysfunctions at the root of the authorities difficulties to best control this post-catastrophic situation. Watch the Sulphur Dioxide cloud disperse on this movie.

mount pinatubo case study ppt

It exploded in and had some catastrophic effects, both for the people of the Philippines and the USA air force at Clarke airbase. This system included a concentric danger zone around the volcano, fixing progressively four radii of evacuation from 10 to 40 km between June 7 and June 18, depending on the evolution of the threat. Indeed, immediately after the eruption of Met Punctuation on June 26,the Philippine government developed a structure — the Presidential Task Force Punctuation — capable of planning, guiding and coordinating the efforts at rehabilitating the stricken zones.


To be resettled, the affected families staying in evacuation centers have to apply for a housing unit to the MAC which generally transfers them into its bunkhouses. What they could have done.

What they actually did. After a seismic auscultation of the zone, PHILLIPS was able to conclude that the volcano was reawakening and then, it was decided to evacuate the Etas villages lying within a radius of 10 km around casr summit.

It allows for the coordination of about twenty different government agencies. It generated an ash column that was over five km high.

Case study of mount pinatubo

Fast flowing volcanic mudflows lahars caused a lot of erosion effecting many things like rivers bridges ect. Victim assistance and rehabilitation program Resettlement proved inevitable for the Etas and the other communities living in the nearby zone mounr by the peristaltic flows, as well as for the numerous populations directly threatened by Lars as these flowed downstream.

Fromthe follow-up of the Lars was improved thanks to the installation of a telemetries instrumental monitoring network which was srudy widened.

It then resurfaces as the density of the molten magma becomes lower than that of the rock, and so it pushes it up through the small cracks and explodes out through a volcano.

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