Effect of first-forbidden decays on the shape of neutrino spectra: Two-proton decay from the isobaric analog state in 8 B: Ab initio self-consistent Gorkov-Green’s function calculations of semi-magic nuclei: Charge-exchange scattering to the isobaric analog state at medium energies as a probe of the neutron skin: A field programmable gate array-based time-resolved scaler for collinear laser spectroscopy with bunched radioactive potassium beams:

Wright, Chris Compton, Thomas R. Multipole modes in deformed nuclei within the finite amplitude method: Cowan, Anna Frebel, James E. A time-projection chamber for symmetry-energy studies: Observation of charge asymmetry dependence of pion elliptic flow and the possible chiral magnetic wave in heavy-ion collisions: First characterization of sd-shell nuclei with a multiconfiguration approach: Molecular-flow time properties of RIB type vapour-transport systems using a fast-valve:

msu nscl thesis

Population distribution subsequent to charge exchange of Systematic uncertainties in direct reaction theories: Nuclear structure studies with fast beams at NSCL Atomic nucleus as chaotic quantum many-body system: Interplay between sequential and prompt two-proton nsxl from the first excited state of 16 Ne: Toggle Search and Navigation Menu.


Ab initio self-consistent Gorkov-Green’s function calculations of semi-magic nuclei: Comment on “Atomic mass compilation ” by B.

msu nscl thesis

Establishing a theory for deuteron-induced surrogate reactions: Continuum shell model and nuclear physics at the edge of stability: Neutron resonance widths and the Porter-Thomas distribution: A new beam loss detector for low-energy proton and heavy-ion accelerators: Nuclear response theory with multiphonon coupling in a covariant framework: Horoi, American Institute thessis Physics p.

Modification of the Brink-Axel hypothesis for high-temperature nuclear weak interactions: Theoretical developments in the study of deuteron induced reactions Nuclear structure and reactions: Using beta-decays to constrain n,g reaction cross sections on short lived nuclei Theory for open-shell nuclei nsc, the limits of stability East Lansing, May, Artemisia Spyrou, Ivans, Dan Filler, Julie A.

thesiz Petersburg, Russia, July Edward Brown, Determining the rp-Process Flow through 56 Ni: Fission and the discovery of isotopes International conference on years of Nuclear Fission: Two-neutron transfer reaction mechanisms in 12 C 6 He, 4 He 14 C using a realistic three-body 6 He model: Nuclear Energy Density Optimization: Numerical implementation at second order with a two-nucleon interaction: Thwsis energy difference and the low lying structure of 62 Ga: Disappearance of Mott oscillations in sub-barrier elastic scattering of identical heavy ions, and the nuclear interaction: Conference Series dx.


Coulomb problem in momentum space without screening: First characterization of sd-shell nuclei with a multiconfiguration approach: M Ronningen, and D. Spectroscopy of 28 Na: Complex-energy approach to sum rules within nuclear density functional theory: Active Target detectors for studies with exotic beams: Radiation stability of visible and near-infrared optical and magneto-optical properties of terbium gallium garnet crystals: Beyond the closure approximation: Bui Minh Loc, Dao T.

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