Submission Guide In order to participate in Revocation and be certified for graduating with honors from the South Carolina Honors College, students are required to submit a final copy of the revised thesis projectpaper post-defense to the Honors College. Who owns intellectual property that I create? Other organizations, notably companies, do attach intellectual property claims to their support of University research or of fellowships or scholarships for students. The University owns inventions that are created under the direction of a faculty or staff member specifically with the object of making the invention, that are created in the course of employment by an administrative or support staff member, or that are otherwise commissioned by the University under a written agreement with the inventor. We encourage all students and supervisors at the start of the student’s prog ram to complete the Intell e ct u al Property Aw a r e ness form. Students should ensure that their thesis complies with all University and Faculty regulations, guidance and stylistic requirements.

For instance, if it was created in your capacity as a student, including as part of activities funded by a student award, it is probably yours. Under the Copyright Policy, a graduate student would normally retain copyright in works that he or she creates, with two exceptions. My university does not issue official transcripts to its students, but sends them directly to graduate institutions. School of Graduate Studies is an academic body that oversees all academic activities related to graduate studies in academic departments schools, colleges and institutions. A thesis must consist of substantive Chapters including an introduction, intervening chapters and a concluding chapter as determined by the Faculty format which has been deposited with the School of Graduate Studies. This revised, second version is once again a collaboration of the School of Graduate Studies and the Office of the Vice-President Research.

Intellectual property issues should be understood within the framework of research policies of the University of Toronto.

mun sgs thesis submission

Home Ceu thesis submission Ceu thesis submission TodaySimilar images “Ceu thesis submission” photos: Whenever you are a co-author of a published work, you also have a responsibility to understand the work in its entirety and to object to any mischaracterizations or misuse of the data. When the thesisdissertationreport has been accepted by the School of Graduate Studies, instructions will be given to proceed fhesis the binding of the required number of copies.


An inventor may offer to assign his or her rights to the University or otherwise appoint the University as his or her representative for commercialization of the invention.

Ceu Thesis Submission

It is directed toward graduate students and graduate faculty members working with them, but we anticipate that it may also be of interest to a wider readership.

To ascertain which of these conditions apply, you should be aware of which organization is funding the research you do and what ownership rights the organization has on the results of your work. Copyright protects original literary, musical, dramatic, or artistic works in a variety of forms, including written materials and computer software. School of Graduate Studies Menu.

mun sgs thesis submission

If it is some other department you are applying to, make sure to also submit your bachelors records the same way you did when applying to CEU for the first time. My research is supported by external funding, such as a scholarship, fellowship, or theiss supervisor’s research funding. Graduate students at the University of Toronto should familiarize themselves at the start of their research program and during their graduate education with these general guidelines and with specific University policies related to inventions and other intellectual property see Appendix 1.

Although acknowledgement may be appropriate in such circumstances, co-authorship rights cannot be assumed.

Intellectual Property Guidelines for Graduate Students & Supervisors

There will be a final format check when the required printed pages see below are submitted. These guidelines provide some fundamental definitions, summarize current Submision of Toronto policy and procedures, and provide links to sources of further, more detailed, information. I have also spoken to several alumni of your university.

In this model, only contributors to the form or expression of the work qualify; those supplying ideas normally do not. The relationship between funding and intellectual property rights depends on a who the funding body is, and b what the terms and thesi of funding are.

Interested in Grad Studies at U of T? If materials have been made available for your study by an external source, a material transfer agreement may also be applicable.


mun sgs thesis submission

Your research team may have a policy on sharing of data within the lab. In Canada, the usual term of copyright consists of the author’s lifetime, the entire calendar year of his or her death, and umn additional 50 years.

Ceu thesis submission

Who owns the data produced in my research project? Contributors to the original ideas in a project are typically given the right of joint authorship of publications that report on the results of the research. Preparation and submission of thesis Preparation. It prevents anyone from copying, publishing, translating, or broadcasting a work without the copyright owner’s permission.

What is the effect on the intellectual property that I create? For current policies, guidelines, forms, and useful website links, please visit the website of the Office of the Vice-President, Research at the University of Toronto and The Innovations Group. Not all funding bodies are the same.

A project sponsor may have rights to the data under a sponsored research agreement, or may require that the data be made broadly available to thseis research community through public data archiving or other methods.

PhD_format School of Graduate Studies

The intent of this booklet, prepared by the School of Graduate Studies, is to address issues associated with intellectual property that arise in the most varied of circumstances, across all settings at the University of Toronto in which graduate education occurs.

At the outset, it must be recognized that considerable variation ssg practice exists among graduate programs within the University.

What are the University of Toronto’s Policies regarding intellectual property? It is important to clarify rights to intellectual property prior to the submission of papers for publication or disclosure of research findings at scientific meetings or in any way which places any creation or invention in the public domain. My university does not issue official transcripts to its students, but sends them directly to graduate institutions.

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