Turn left from the junction and drive a bit more than 1. Mavvidapuram is on the main road to Kankesanturai K-KS , 4. The limestone is grey, yellow and white porous type. I could not educate myself due to the financial position of my family. His name is Hussein, and he was a Muslim. They are mostly Dutch although a few English ones can be found.

There are different ways in reproduction. We still have the desire to go to Jaffna. She managed to spot me. I did not know any other areas. You can obviously observe the cultural difference between natives and others.

The spring water flowing through the crevices and fissures of the carbonated rocks acquires residues of minerals and encounters sea water as it surface at Keerimalai. Nallue Kandasamy Kovil is the most prominent Hindu Kovil and there are some historical Buddhist heritage sites are also located in Jaffna district.

Retrieved 1 March He was both successful and pious. He helps my brother and me with our school homework.

We used to drink the water that the rice was cooked. A person called Aangineyar visited the people and asked them to leave. I can only do that. Then I said that I have a problem with the language, and I explained that until I am at his place everything will be fine.


Speak to someone who’s been there. There have been reports, particularly after the end of the civil war inabout resettling those residents who wish to return to Jaffna but there hasn’t been any substantive effort to do so yet.

That area is also concentrated with Tamil people.

my hometown jaffna essay

Maps of this area drawn in the 18th century show large numbers of these stalls dotted over the entire area. Vallipuram, once a principal city of Jaffna peninsula is home to the second largest Hindu Kovil in the country.

Materials from destroyed buildings were used in the construction of the Jaffna fort and other hometownn. There were plenty of opportunities for fishing in the sea. The foundation stone of the library was laid on the 29th of March but its actual construction began only in and was completed in The temperature is highest in the months of April — May and August — September.

My Village: My village- Jaffna

This is the rear side of the Church. Jaffna was also the seen the publication of journals committed to the growth of modernistic and socially purposive literature such as Bharati and Marumalarchi in We can ride a bicycle in the mu.


My father passed away.

From the teachers that taught me, I liked Majeed teacher very much. I had a shop in Point Pedro. I did not have a goal of becoming a doctor or a teacher when I was schooling. There are about active volcanoes.

my hometown jaffna essay

The last few rows cost 75 cents per seat. The Sri Lanka Reader: The reason for you to come to Puttlam? If they build us a house and provide us with the basic needs, we will go there. It was a difficult experience.

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Grade 7 History Review – Inquiry 1. Jaffna is different, because Muslim people lived in a radius of two and a half meters jaffnaa the Jaffna town.

my hometown jaffna essay

That really struck me, because we did not have any relations. We were small boys at that time.

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