The foundation stone of the library was laid on the 29th of March but its actual construction began only in and was completed in Really my father is like a gem. He told me that even if we buy a house for 1 million, we are refugees for the one who is living next door. We used to play hide and seek when we were small. Nallur is a populated village located about 3km south of the city centre of Jaffna. We got all the vegetables in the village without any shortage.

After the increase in the price, I left the bike at home and went to my workplace in the bicycle. Materials from destroyed buildings were used in the construction of the Jaffna fort and other fortifications. The colloquial form of Yalpanam is Yappanam. The city had a wide range of industries, including food processing, packaging, making of household items, and salt processing, but most ceased after The first one in July lasts for 21 days while the other one in December goes on for 10 days.

I was frightened and I got of my bicycle. I am very lucky to have Lakshika for my best friend. Pieris in were kept here and are probably still here. I was unable to spot a good Muslim mosque but I am pretty hometwn there are Muslim mosques in Jaffna town. The college was called Essay. The clock tower suffered the damages of the war and during his visit to Sri Lanka in jagfna, Prince Charles, the current Prince of Wales, was approached to help with its restoration.


The ticket was priced at 35 cents. I used to go in the morning and come back in the evening. Nallur, according to the Portuguese historian in Ceylon, De Queyroz, was a lovely little village.

We had Tamil friends. These activities reflect some of the experiences they’ve most enjoyed while visiting Jaffna, and which use the best local guides.

Tell us about our home town

We had a lot of school friends. I was born in Sonakar Street, Jaffna.

my hometown jaffna essay

But, what about the conclusion? Otherwise, it is a flat, barren land spiked with fences and barbed wire, hometosn grim reminder of the fierce battles fought here during the past.

my hometown jaffna essay

It is dedicated to Parvati who is known as Nagapooshani or Bhuvaneswari and her consort, Shiva who is named here as Nayinaar. This period saw the building of Hindu temples in the peninsula and a flourishing of literature, both in Tamil and Sanskrit.

There I learnt more about it. Later I started to develop my self in the field very well. Most Christians are Roman Catholics with a small but influential number of Protestants belonging to the Church of South Indiathe successor organisation of American Ceylon Mission and other colonial era Protestant churches.

This temple was built by Vaitilinga Chettiyar, a prominent merchant and one who held much influence with the Dutch government, with which he was able to obtain special permission to build the temple. Sungupiddy New Bridge After the war ends inthis bridge was constructed connecting Jaffna and Kilinochchi districts and now this is the second access point to Jaffna More about Sungupiddy New Bridge.


Visit Jaffna, Sri Lanka

We left with our whole family from our village. There were no Sinhalese in Jaffna. Sometimes we might have to move again. Banna and Mango trees are very common in every house hold and I was that soil is very fertile. There were Tamil people in the area, just close to our place. For Vesak we hang lanterns.

The lighthouse is slightly on the east of the town. I live in Moratuwa. These wild horses roam freely in the grassy windswept plains of the island. Alden, Dauril, The Making of an Enterprise: Join us in building Northern rail track.

My Village: My village- Jaffna

If they give us the facilities we are willing to go there. Kadurugoda Temple is located in Chunnakam Hunugama in Jaffna district. Then we decided that we should get settled here.

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