Here you may watch examples from students who have completed the three-minute dissertation video requirement. What did you find? The Rocky Mountain Communication Review, 3 3 , Please bring your release form to your recording session. Harikul, Usama Kahf, Katie M.

Lockwood, Allison, Jennifer A. Explorations in Media Ecology, 11 1 , Appear at the top of the first page of a major section. Download examples of numbered headings. At the Intersection of Physical and Digital Spaces. For an example of how to insert an equation into the text, and how to number equations, download this example document of non-text items.

If you do use an automated Table of Contents, make sure that you follow the guidelines that are listed here.

ndsu dissertation video

It will be there throughout the whole video, but you will not be able to see it as you talk or point to it. Otherwise there are two other options for filming your video. For more information about numbering non-text items in appendices, see List of Appendix Tables, Figures, Schemes, Etc.

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Perspectives from Different Mediums. Page numbers must be aligned flush with the right margin.

When the title for a table, figure, scheme, or other non-text item is longer dnsu one line, you rissertation use single-spacing between the lines of the title, unless otherwise directed by the style manual of your discipline.


Font and margins — The font of the paragraph text in the appendix must be the same size and type as the rest of your disquisition. Not begin a new page, unless the heading appears at a natural page break. When you have multiple appendices, highly consider adding a title to each appendix that describes dissertatiob content of that appendix. Doctoral students are required to participate in a preparatory workshop prior to filming their video. To avoid awkward gaps between words, do not justify the alignment in the entries.

Journal of Virtual Worlds Research, 10 3 Rhetoric of Health and Medicine.

ndsu dissertation video

The Journal of chemical physics 15, We are only able to store those videos for which we dixsertation a signed release on file. Fargo-Moorhead Area Foundation, The size can smaller if required to fit the table in the page margins. An Unlikely Response to Berelson. Please start your video by introducing yourself.

Keep any accessories or jewelry simple. Practice telling someone who does not know your field about your dissertation research.

ndsu dissertation video

All elements of the disquisition must appear in the same font. ACS nano 12 8, Solid colors are best, with the exception of white, black or gray.


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Faculty sponsor for grant to hire an undergraduate research assistant. Boren, Paula Castro, Vanessa C. For more information about orphans, see Paragraphs. When you insert a table or figure into the text, make sure to minimize the amount of space that appears above and below the item.

Think about the message you would like to convey, and dress to that message. Alignment — All content on the Title page must be center-aligned. Discussing Intersections between Rhetoric, Ethnography, and Performance.

The Epidemiology of Digital Infrastructure.

Paper presented at the Globalizing Education Conference: Try to insert an item as close to its first in-text reference as possible but not beforeand at a natural break on the page at the top or bottom of a page, between paragraphs, or between pages.

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