This would have been an extraordinary difficult commandment from God. The answer goes back to the spiritual strategy Helaman pointed out in his efforts to persuade the Ammonites not to fight There is no mention of any military training for these new volunteers. Essays in Honour of J. Figure 9 Lines connect stories containing parallels. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Then, perhaps the revelation of the Lord explained fully its purpose. Nephi, on the other hand, sought after learning and knowledge. We see this in the Book of Mormon when Nephi immediately engages in the seemingly impossible and arduous task of building a boat:. Consequently, according to Mosaic Law, whatever punishment the slanderer uttered against the slandered would turn back against him: This is placed in an environment of testimony: Furthermore, Nephi sought to preserve and transmit the wisdom of his father across the generations:.

Nephi makes a record or account of his proceedings but first gives an abridgment of Lehi’s record 1: How do we make sure that we are someone who gets those tender mercies? Send us a message and we’ll get back to you right away.

18. Nephi’s Freedom Thesis 18 and the Sons of Helaman

This is the support or advantage they become to the Nephite army. Newer Neohis Older Post Home. One answer is that Mormon included those things which he had been commanded to write 3 Nephi The first battle fought by these 2, oath-bound soldiers is filled with some interesting twists and turns, as well as a powerful message.

And this is simply the beginning of the many ways that reading Nephi, indeed the entire Book of Mormon record, through the lens of Wisdom literature can lead to expansive and fruitful new insights and meaning.


They will not stray outside of the marriage. President Benson brought this message to our day as he spoke to the young men of the Church: The greatest obstacle to the wise is the fool. Bibliography Benson, Ezra Taft. But I shall make an account of my proceedings in my days.

Reading 1 Nephi With Wisdom

It is better that one man should perish than that a nation should dwindle and perish in unbelief. This is one view of Nephi’s structure of First Nephi. Behold, INephi, will show unto you that the tender mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen, because of their faith, to make them mighty even unto the power of deliverance.

You may read it online and I would highly recommend it. Is it not obvious that Mormon has not only attempted to show us the problems we may face, but also the solution to those problems? Lehi is commanded to journey into the wilderness, and he pitches his tent in the valley he names Lemuel 2: Nephi understood the value of the education and learning that written records could provide.

Roy Rants: The Thesis Statement of the Book of Mormon

If this were a story of mortal flesh against mortal flesh, then these young men would be predictably doomed. Additional types are thesiw, apocalyptic writing, judgment, and farewell speech. Clearly Nephi was participating in stwtement ancient literary tradition when he wrote his psalm. This site uses cookies. As I read this way, I became convinced of two things: A-5 Nephi desires to know the mysteries of God; he is visited by the Holy Spirit and is spoken to by the Lord.


nephis thesis statement

For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth: I etatement forward to hearing your thoughts. So, Lehi faithfully followed the commandment of Thesia — to preach to the people. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Douglas Bassett was an instructor of ancient scripture at Brigham Young University when this was published.

Nephi reflects the wider Wisdom literature tradition by Listening to and recording the words of his wise father, Valuing learning and education, Embracing hard work, Seeking understanding from the Lord despite suffering and trials, and Demonstrating the difference between the wise man and the fool. In his April conference address, Elder David A. I agree with Summer that the link here to the title page is compelling, and I think this speaks to the effect that Nephi had on his posterity, years later his themes were still a central part of the beliefs of his people.

Psalm 28 is a petition to the Lord to hear his prayers and an acknowledgement that God has answered those prayers. B-3 Nephi desires to see, hear, and know these mysteries; he is shown a great vision by the Spirit of the Lord and by an angel.

nephis thesis statement

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