Cosmology of Ideas A sort of comic, prepared for a catalog for a forthcoming exhibition at Macy Gallery at Teachers College. About a month to go to the release of Unflattening! In this sequenceI make a specific turn to the heart of my argument for comics and the importance of considering modes other than the verbal. First up, this page on the simultaneity of the comics page is the only page that borrows an existing composition nearly note for note, specifically a page from my journal… Read More. The Illustrated Guide to a Ph. While with the exception of the cover, some additional title images, and cleanup, the drawing has been done since i defended in the spring, circumstances required a last minute additional page to solve a pagination issue with how I intended the other pages to be laid out. This bounced around the internet and was also picked up and reworked for features on Open….

Greek myths are full of stories of locking away the primal, irrational, and chaotic in Tartarus as with the Titans or as this panel references — in the Labyrinth. The trek included a few solo…. The Illustrated Guide to a Ph. The Invisible Art has…. Simultaneity and process sketches Sharing just a single new page this week, along with process sketches that led to the recently released page on the sequential nature of comics. Finished up a long first day of MoCCAfest — plenty of good conversations and interest in expanding what comics can do.

On this page, I took up…. One side note, in the earlier…. Morna McDermott and the two of us went to visit with Maxine Greene see my comic on her here. So last May, I presented at the SequentialSmart conference centered around comics and education at Juniata College in southern Pennsylvania.


Nick Sousanis

Much that emerged in that second piece shapes the…. A legendary educator and philosopher, Maxine was to me my teacher, an advisor, and most importantly my friend. Spin Weave and Cut. A little excerpt from their opening and closing: Now it gets handed over to voters — those with some connection to the… Read More.

While I’ve moved my updates, archives, comics, and comics and education resources over to their new home, www. Also, for those curious, this is the piece I used as part of my interview…. Going forward, I’ll be posting all content on the new site.

nick sousanis dissertation

Fiction Free Audio Books: Tops — Spusanis One Complete! With thanks to the US and Canadian postal services, I was thrilled for my very own copy of Unflattening to arrive last week! A lengthy stint of jury duty has delayed some updates here — but a few things.

Spin, Weave, and Cut

Chapter Two — In Full! The words and images speak for themselves and succeed on their own terms.

Anyhow, this has to do with the boxes we find ourselves in and the boxes we…. Also – this week, Unflattening got its first review on Publishers Weekly – dissettation it’s fantastic.


My plan for my talk…. Thanks to Christina Angel and crew for hosting a fantastic…. A while back, award-winning science comics writer and great guy Jim Ottaviani invited me to collaborate with him on a story he was writing for the anthology District Comics — an unconventional history of Washington, D.


Mine includes a lot of developments in science and mathematics and music — sampling… Read More. Lots of news to start the new year!

Retrieved from ” https: You can see several of the different participants’ reflections here. One, I got so excited about, I decided to do….

nick sousanis dissertation

In the meantime, an essay I…. Participating in sousannis project with very short noticehelped get me back into making comics in a very real way again.

nick sousanis dissertation

For various reasons, I may… Read More. Moving fast to keep in place is a nearly direct quote from Through the Looking Glass. Sousanis and his brother John Sousanis co-founded thedetroiter. Please see here for the interview with images.

Marks Another minimalist page, part of a five-page sequence segueing from my pages on perception one of which I put up here to talking about how drawing works. This diasertation was produced for and with Professor Timothy K. The show features local and national artists, and apparently… Read More.

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