Tirkey, Sanjeeb Kumar Three dimensional analysis of lateral extrusion of some complex forms. R, Ganesh Geo-engineering properties of sedimented flyash deposit stabilized by lime pile. Kumari, S Preparation and characterization of interpenetrating hydrogel for colon drug delivery. Patnaik, Satish Kumar Grid side converter control of dfig and mitigation of voltage sag. Kumar, Mukesh Effort estimation for object-oriented system using artificial intelligence techniques. Moghekar, Deepak Project Report On Modeling and simulation of gas-liquid interfacial area in three phase fluidized and semi-fluidized bed. Dehuri, Achuta Nanda Impacts of roadway condition, traffic and manmade features on road safety.

Bathala, Srikanth Composites for machine tool beds. A Digital Forensic Approach. Sahoo, A K Static, free vibration and dynamic stabilty analysis of sandwich beam with functionally graded material constraining layer in high temperature environment. Datta, Suprabeet Modelling critical gaps for U-turn vehicles at median openings under Indian mixed traffic conditions. V, Rahees Mohammed Kurikkal O. Deep Learning and Applications [Workshop] More Gautam Kumar May

RathB N Adaptive depth control algorithms for an autonomous underwater vehicle.

nit rourkela mechanical thesis

Das, Jyoti Biraj Development of a low cost road roughness measuring rourkrla. Uma, Guguloth Intensity based image registration of satellite images using evolutionary techniques. KumarAvinash An adaptive hysteresis band current controlled unified power quality conditioner.

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Maddheshiya, Sanjeet Kumar A study on ultrasound based transdermal drug delivery system. Samal, Lopamudra Application specific instruction set processor design for embedded application using the coware tool. Baad, S Vibration analysis and damping characteristics of hybrid composite plate using finite element analysis.


Goyal, Priyanka Lens Crystallins: ShereefAmal Hisham E. Parhi, P S Stabilization of expansive soils using alkali activated fly ash.

Pol, M S Navigation of mobile robot in cluttered environment. PatnaikAshish Kumar Level of service criteria of roads in urban indian context.

nit rourkela mechanical thesis

Sarkar, S Mechxnical quality disturbance detection and classification using signal processing and soft computing techniques. Badarudeen, Sharon A Flow characteristics study of fly ash slurry in hydraulic pipelines using computational fluid dynamics. Chakraborty, S An experimental study for stabilization of inverted pendulum. Bhoi, Sanjukta Experimental and cfd simulation study of binary solid-liquid fluidized bed.

Nit Rourkela Mechanical Thesis

Panda, Nihar Ranjan New structures and algorithms for adaptive system identification and channel equalization. Lata, Sujata Studies on removal of malachite green dye from aqueous solution using plant based biosorbents. Priyadarshini, Amrita A study of the effect of cryogenic treatment on the performance of high speed steel tools and carbide inserts.

Satyanarayana Performance analysis of energy detection algorithm in cognitive radio. Kumar, Rakesh Carbonization study of non coking coals and characterisation of their properties for application in sponge iron making.

Nit rourkela mechanical thesis

Dikshit, Vishwesh Development of compact copper-stainless steel heat exchanger using diffusing bonding techniques. Baddiri, Sandeep Human Identification using Gait. Hussain, T hrovaguntla Khaja Development of traffic sign asset management system in indian context. Sethi, Sanghamitra Characterization of interfacial integrity and its implication on mechanical behavior of FRP composites.


Gupta, P Role of matrix stiffness on adhesion, migration,proliferation and differentiation of HaCaT cells: Krishna, Katta Saran Investigations on some planar microwave filters.

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Ahmad, D Vibration analysis and control of rotating composite shaft system using active magnetic bearings. Mondal, Arpan Kumar An investigation on characterization of thesid.

Kumar, Satyajeet Investigation of fly ash polymer composite. Rana, Hemanta Kumar Dynamic analysis of fixed-fixed beams. Thamalapakula, Ashok kumar FPGA implementation of transmitter of the multi symbol encapsulated orthogonal frequency division multiplexing. Rath, Usharani Two phase flow analysis in electrochemical machining for L-shaped Tool: Kumar, D Pradeep Investigations on shunt active power filter for power quality improvement.

Deep Learning and Applications [Workshop] More Pachalasiya, Mahendra Singh Modeling of extrusion through curve die.

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