They will discuss with you service-specific requirements and the career implications of your decision, which vary by branch of service. It will be the following: I am a DL student. How to set up the template. Control and the minus key on your number pad. You will upload this file to your SharePoint site at least three times:

These programs are likely to severely change your formatting. How to set up the template. What about PDF Acrobat files? You will need to be available via email to sign off on the Thesis Release and Approval Form after your advisor says the thesis is complete and he or she is ready to sign. If you created equations outside of MathType and need to number them, or if you created equations in MathType without first numbering them, but now want them numbered, follow these instructions:.

If it does not, remove extraneous spaces and tab markings from around the equation.

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There should be only one tab space in front of the equation. Do keep in mind that editing will require extra time.

The thesis processors of the day countered strong student resistance with strong processor insistence to try to ensure a quality product for NPS. Please provide proof of early departure to your tjesis processor, and she will accomodate you. Instead, you want to use SharePoint versioning. Beside most timelines will be a thesis scheduler, which ssharepoint help you keep track of thesis tasks in relation to our submission deadlines.


Your recommended timeline is earlier than the thesis timeline.

nps thesis sharepoint

Hard copy acceptance letters formerly called the thesis “green card” were discontinued in Your team has two choices: Also, be sure to visit our classified guidance page. Call the TACx, to be put in touch with someone who can fix the problem.

To check out and work on your thesis: If you need help, see nnps thesis processor. Check the down arrow. According to NPS academic regulations, you must file an extension to keep your degree eligibility active between the time you detach and the time your thesis is accepted as final by Thesis Processing assuming all other degree requirements have been completed.

So, Here Be Dragons.

NPS Thesis Processing Office – Naval Postgraduate School

En dashes — separate ranges of numbers, such as page numbers. Go to your SharePoint site by clicking on the link in the e-mail that announced your site Click Upload Document Click Browse Find your thesis on your H drive, thumb drive, etc. For more information, click here. This breaks the linked fields. You will upload this file to your SharePoint site at least three times: The only time Word’s equation editor is better than a MathType equation is when you need to place an equation within a footnote.


nps thesis sharepoint

Then, one by one, highlight each cross reference and press Control, Shift, F9. What is the difference between and abstract and an executive summary? For display equations, the most popular format is to center them and place the equation number at the right margin.

Site content is accessible from both a Web browser and through clients that support Web Services. For your recommended timeline, choose from a student type below. And, we keep tyesis thesis files safe in our archive. Each student is required to work with a thesis processor in his or her final quarter.

iThenticate (plagiarism) check

Staff directory Sign in to access staff bios and phone numbers. Please drop by our offices; we are happy to show you how to use the template. It will be the following: Crash course in LaTeX and tutorials. How do I check out my thesis for updates?

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