Dento-facial orthopedic appliances like head gears, rapid maxillary expansion niti expander etc. Preparation of ground and decalcified sections, tissue processing, sectioning and staining. Basic wire bending exercises. Management of Dental Behavior in child: The third test may be held three months before the final examination.

Subjects related to different specialties a. Orthodontic history, Concepts of occlusion and esthetics, Child and Adult Psychology, Etiology and classification of malocclusion, Dentofacial anomalies, Diagnostic procedures and treatment planning in Orthodontics, Practice management in Orthodontics PaperIII: Oral screen and double oral screen 7. Mummifying agents, Bleaching agents, Styptics,. Ask for help from colleagues or seniors when required, without hesitation. Localization of object by radiographic techniques. The ability to do literature search, in depth study, presentation skills and use of audio- visual aids are to be assessed using the Model Checklist 2, in Section IV.

ntruhs pg thesis guidelines

In exceptional cases, the teaching experience, gained in Govt. Etiology, diagnosis of space problems, analysis, Biomechanics, serial extractions.

ntruhs pg dissertation guidelines

It should aim at examining clinical skills and competence of undertaking independent work as a specialist. Radiation safety and protection. Inter disciplinary cases viii. The training of postgraduate students for degree course shall be of residency pattern.

Primary lesions and secondary lesions. Biological effects of radiation.


ntruhs pg dissertation guidelines

Tongue, salivary glands, tonsil, thymus and lymph nodes. Benign tumors theesis oral cavity. University dissertation to be submitted according to the guidelines prescribed by the Dr. Structure of intestine, liver, gall bladder, composition of intestinal juice, bile and regulation. Diseases of the blood and blood forming organs. Red and white lesions of oral mucosa.

Benign and malignant tumors of the oral cavity.

ntruhs pg thesis guidelines

Inter institutional postings such as cancer hospital, dermatology clinics, regional HIV detection centers, sophisticated instrumentation centers for electron microscopy and other techniques. Discuss about ntruhs pg dissertation topics here. Oral screen and double oral screen 7. The dissertation shall be referred to the Examiners for the MOS examination The actual format of clinical examination in various specialities.

Case history taking with recording of a. Provide leadership and get the best out of his team in a congenial working atmosphere.

General assessment of the patient including children with special emphasis on cardiovascular diseases endocrinal, metabolic respiratory, renal diseases and blood dyscrasias. To be competent to fabricate and manage the most appropriate appliance – intra or extra oral, removable or fixed, mechanical or functional, and active or passive – for the treatment of any orthodontic problem to be treated singly or as a part of multidisciplinary treatment of oro-facial deformities.


Clasps, Bows and springs used in the removable appliances. Basic subjects classes The seminars may be held at least twice a week in each postgraduate department. Name of the Trainee: Hypoxia, cyanosis, dyspnoea and periodic breathing.

Ntruhs pg dissertation guidelines

Pg Dissertation Guidelines Ntruhs As the possession of one of the guideliens instruments and equipment is beyond the reach of all, these learners turn their faces. X-ray tube, production of X-ray, properties of X-rays, X — ray machine. Hormones and mechanism of action, regulation and disorders of secretion. Each candidate shall make at least five seminars presentations in each year. Ecstasy dissertation These specialists ensure. However strict division of the subject may not gudielines possible and some overlapping of topics is inevitable.

Journal of Dental Materials Teaching assignments for undergraduate students under the supervision of the faculty.

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