Each syndicate member is given a copy of the exercise setting, some rough paper and a pencil. He further briefed what the team had to do, what equipment they had to use and other special rules that had to be taken into account. You will then brief your assessing officer of your ideas and your favoured plan If you are having to do long division and coming up with answers involving decimal places you have gone wrong and it’s time for a rapid re-think He spent the first 5 minutes carefully reading through the scenario to get a feel for what he was being asked to do; then he read through it again, this time taking notes and working on preliminary plans. He will ask you a simple DST question as you stand there to further test your ability to think on the spot

Each syndicate member is given a copy of the exercise setting, some rough paper and a pencil. Walkthrough sample practise questions and responses;. During this period, all rules could be broken and the equipment could be moved. This exercise is similar in nature to the Group Planning exercise, and the scenario is selected from a number of options which the Boarding Officers possess. If you’ve been selected to go to OASC you’ll get an information booklet with your confirmation letter! While the candidate is being questioned, the Board Chairman is engaged in assessing the level of performance, commenting on confidence, work rate, perception, judgement, comprehension and numeracy.

John prolem sure he was always busy, looking for opportunities to get involved with the current part of the plan or looking at the next part of the plan, and generally being a solvinf member of the team. He was also told that he struggled with problem solving skills.

It goes into detail about all the exercises, what they’re looking for etc. Previously, some individuals with stanine deficiencies in their aptitude performance were selected due to shortfalls in specific branches; however, it is now inappropriate to take the associated professional training risk.

The boarding officer went on to state that candidates would have 20 minutes to read and absorb the facts of the scenario and an associated map, and to create a plan to deal with the situation, making notes as required. Information regarding a career in the RAF can be found at http: The clear difference, as its name suggested, was that this exercise would be performed individually.


In the review, John was given a clean bill of health and declared medically fit at this stage only to serve as a pilot; however, he was told that the results of his electrocardiogram and blood tests would remain outstanding and could impact his medical fitness for selection to FB P. He talked to his colleagues about the exercises that they had undertaken that morning as they waited anxiously to be told whether or not they had succeeded.

We left him as he was about to receive the Individual Planning briefing from one of the boarding officers.


Afterwards, the candidates would be questioned individually and alone for about 10 minutes on the scenario and their plan. If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. Then he was then told that he was not to eat anything after hrs that evening so that a fasting blood test could be taken the following morning.

The leader would have a minimum of 2 minutes compulsory survey time in which he could examine the exercise, test equipment and then formulate a plan. The syndicate was briefed in depth about solviny main differences between the previous Leaderless exercise and the Command Situations, including outlining the exercise protocol, choreography and what to include in the brief.

oasc problem solving exercises

John smiled as that was exactly what let him down on his previous visit to OASC. It is imperative that you are competent in the use of SDT calculations when you attend the RAF Officer Selection Board — they are an integral part of testing throughout the assessment.

When he asked how he had got on, Candidate 5 stated that the Review Officer had said that he had not projected himself adequately enough and generally lacked confidence within the group. John and the other 5 members of his syndicate walked over prolem the OASC ready to be picked up by the OASC control staff outside of their syndicate room at hrs.

oasc problem solving exercises

Learn how to impress the interview panel to achieve higher proglem. Group plans – free-for-all discussions around a scenario, how to achieve various objectives within certain constraints. Royal Navy Officer Tests.


He noted that he had a couple of minutes left, so he decided to work on some contingency plans. He was ecercises quite positive about his overall performance; however, he knew that straight after lunch he would find out whether he had been successful in this Phase – or not!

Learn how to demonstrate the different assessable competencies.

He stated that, in essence, the exercise was similar to the Group Planning in that solviny candidates would have to create a plan to deal with an imaginary situation in which they found themselves.

Pass the Army Aptitude Tests.


My only comment would be that the bulletin appears to be written in a tone directed to the younger audience. Find Solviny Posts by Pure Pursuit. Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful.

After the briefing, he ran up to his syndicate at the Start Line to see whether they had any questions. He felt quite relieved about this as it gave him another night to prepare. You can cancel at anytime. In my Specific are of interest which is the RAF, I would be interested to hear from Pilots or alike who have undertaken, or know of the degree’s available whilst training, or any others who could nudge me towards a reference on the above.

The individual problem lasts about 10 mins from the time you have finished being given the probem The main differences highlighted were that the Command Situation exercises lasted only 15 minutes and the nominated leader would be the only member of the team to receive a briefing from a boarding officer.

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