Immunisation Certificat e Under the Public Health Amendment Act school principals must request that parents provide the school with an Immunisation Certificate on enrolment. These forms are available from the school office and must be completed in every instance. Following immunisation the contact can return to school immediately. Technology enriches the educational environment, supports quality education and is an integral part of our Australian society. Parents will be advised in writing.

Using the internet as a tool for learning and becoming confident, competent users of the latest technology across all key learning areas is important for both students and teachers. At Our Lady Queen of Peace Primary School, in addition to our classroom learning programs, we offer a range extra-curricular activities and programs to support the engagement and extension of all students. Two specialist teachers are employed to implement the music program. Your child will be adapting to a new routine as well as being surrounded by many new faces and information. Our school has three “L” rules that are used by teachers to guide the creation of classroom rules:. Contact Us Contact the school by phone on during school office hours 8: We promote and respect the dignity of every individual.

Case Management Meetings Case management meetings provide an opportunity for additional support for students who require further modification of classroom programs. Let us remember that As many hands build a house So many hearts make a school.

Parent Handbook

We currently participate in an excellent swimming program offered by the Aquatic Centre at Sydney Olympic Park. The supervising teacher is to be spoken to hoework of diffculty. Expectations should begin with understanding who the members of our community are and how we interact with them:.

During this time we will outline our procedures, processes and expectations so that our Community Helpers are able to support the work we are doing in the Learning Spaces.

Our Lady Queen of Peace Greystanes | Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta – School Notes

School Processes and Procedures Information relating to school processes and procedures. The library is open from 8: Not only do they become very distressed; they also run the risk of infecting other children.


We hope that all who come to Our Lady Queen of Peace School see Christ reflected in the people, structures and programs of our school.

Children need to stay in their designated areas and be aware of out of bounds areas.

Students who do not follow these rules are given a verbal warning for minor infringements or a playground note for more serious offences. If you need to collect a child early it is important that the person collecting the child comes to the office to sign them out.

Literacy Support Literacy Support is an effective intervention programme designed to support children from Kindergarten to Year Six who need greater assistance in order to develop the appropriate literacy skills for their stage.

These investigations of subject matter and the forms are further developed in their appreciation of artists, designers, craftspeople, architects and their works. OLQP supports local football, netball and soccer clubs.

No responsibility can be taken for children arriving at school before that time. Variable, depending on the type echool organism causing the infection. If your children need to be at school before this time the Principal needs to be informed in writing and your child needs to remain seated in Mary’s Courtyard located in infront of the office area upon their arrival at school.

Jesus, bless our school with peace.

olqp school homework

Creative Arts aims to provide students with basic learning in the artforms through the subjects of Visual Arts, Music, Drama and Dance. Lots and lots of family conversation – story telling, jokes, discussions about books read, etc Shared bedtime stories with mum or dad reading to the child or the child reading to parents Quiet reading in bed before lights out Family games, activities and hobbies Regular homeworkk to the local library Selective viewing of TV shows and discussion of these Outings to all kinds of places of social, historic and natural interest and The kinds of imaginative play that comes naturally to children of all ages.


This education enables children to: Learning in Drama is most effective when learning experiences in making, performing and appreciating are hmoework in a planned and sequential process of teaching and learning. At OLQP we aim to develop the competence and confidence of all students in learning and using Mathematics, thus enabling them to effectively participate in our society.

This Act requires any person working in child-related employment involving unsupervised contact with children to complete a Prohibited Employment Declaration.

Key Learning Areas

The teacher then rebuilds the relationship by asking the child which rule was broken and what do they need to do now. The second swab should be 48 hours later. Twice each term one child is chosen by the class teacher to receive this award for academic achievement.

We also support this through: The school began as St Simon Stock Primary School in a building that doubled as the church and was run by the Sisters of Mercy untilwhen the Dominican Sisters of Malta took charge.

Our Lady Queen of Peace Greystanes | Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta – Parent Handbook

Two specialist teachers are employed to implement the music program. Case management meetings provide an opportunity for additional support for students who require further modification of classroom programs. If we accept these rights we must accept the responsibilities to:. At OLQP we presently use desktop and laptop computers, ipads and i-pods.

olqp school homework

Any person refusing to sign this form will not be allowed contact with children. We currently receive an allocation to provide a program in Japanese in our school.

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