The Application Process Students must be enrolled on a full-time basis only. The Admissions Committee expects at least one academic reference from each applicant. The aim of the PCLL is to prepare students to enter the legal profession and to learn from experience and instruction so that they may fulfil the professional and social responsibilities they will be required to undertake What is required in the application form: Is it possible to enrol in the JD programme on a part-time basis? However, it is possible for a highly qualified applicant to be admitted without an interview. April March

Oct 18, How long does it take to complete the JD programme? Choosing Your Unis Fast Track? We expect the annual enrolment to be about 40 students. Film Music Theatre Visual arts. Classes will be held during the day. Which is better, Singapore or Hong Kong? If University accommodation proves unavailable, students have the option of renting private accommodation near the University.

April March Furthermore, it will allow the admissions officer to be able to understand more about you. Defining the Personal Statement and Writers Workshop: Please note that all of these courses are extremely competitive, with the standalone LLB course and the Business Administration with Law dual degree being the most competitive out of the lot.

Application Process All three universities have quite a similar application process. One personal statement of no more than words; 3.

Furthermore, it is crucial that applicants take English as a Higher Level subject, an essay based subject such as History or Philosophy, and possibly a second language as well. The most samplw segment of the application process would be the personal statement, where HKU allows a maximum of characters2 sides for CUHK, and saample for CityU. Oct 18, 1.


However, in the interest of maintaining impartiality in the review process, the Admissions Committee decided not to have individual meetings with potential applicants.

“Be you never so high, the Law is above you.”

Hong-Kong Personal Statement Writing. What is the honours classification in the JD programme?

May an applicant request an individual meeting with the Admissions Committee? The personal statement is a word story about why you want to study at university This is your opportunity to prove your understanding of your subject area and. Admission tutors read hundreds of statements, so they are likely to notice if yours is similar to something written online. We believe that the JD qualification will be a valuable credential regardless of the field a graduate chooses to pursue.

pcll personal statement sample

How do I write a personal statement for Hong Kong universities? This university is very well-knows, so you can expect to see a lot of people who are also applying for the place. Answered Feb 23, Is accommodation provided to overseas students? An applicant should not infer from a lack of interview request as an indication of rejection.

pcll personal statement sample

Some general tips on personal statement writing: Back to Top The Admissions Committee expects at least one academic reference from each applicant. Luckily, this tool can help you outsmart the marketplace.



Under those circumstances, professional references would suffice. The Admissions Committee will take a holistic view of the application, taking into account the applicant’s full tertiary educational record. How do I write a personal statement for UCI? The personal statement, persomal opportunity to sell yourself in the application process, generally falls into one of two categories, 1 The general, comprehensive.

Seek out opportunities to learn more about law and mention this in your application. What are the career prospects for our JD graduates beyond the legal field?

pcll personal statement sample

How long does it take to complete the JD programme? It is not the quantity but what you thought of the experience and how you have learned from it that counts.

The Admissions Committee expects at least one academic reference from each applicant. Answered Apr 16, If an applicant has completed a number of degrees, are the results from any of them, for example, the most recent one, more relevant eprsonal the admission decision than results from the other degrees?

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