Whether both the cut off mandatory considered for the above prog. No book would suffice for this purpose. However, many coaching centers misinterpreted this earlier and provided several mocks of 3 hours aptitude test. What should be a rough estimate of the score I should aim for in such a case? Rana, the QA cutoff is unlikely to be more than 9 marks but please wait till Wednesday when we will be releasing the percentiles. Narrative and descriptive may appear to be very similar options. GP Sir, Could you please tell me some good options at

Manish, I was travelling and could not respond earlier. Adarsh, most probably you will clear the LR sectional cutoff since the level of this section is similar to that of last year. XAT previous year exam analysis. Saiteja, VA will be touch and go. What exactly should I do for cracking XAT? Harshneet, all these calls are possible at this score.

The questions from Arithmetic were easy and that from Geometry and Algebra were difficult. Sumpunn, I was travelling and could not respond earlier.

probable essay topics for xat 2015

I mean what should i do to prepare well within this 1 month to a decent score in xat? Sir, kindly guide me as to how do I improve my D. Also has it started? The exam will begin at I am mainly interested in BM but I get advises that I should also apply for SM and RM beacuse 1st year is the same and 2nd year we have electivels and so.


Manjeet, IIM C is the only institute that you could miss out on if you are less than Rohan, take the exercises from your center, solve them and discuss your doubts with a faulty. The pattern was similar to the previous year exam for this section. Decision making gives me tough time. Thanking you Samar Mehra. DI sets are usually simple and do not create any problems in terms of understanding or solving.

So while evaluating such questions take in to account or not? I am a general category female candidate from a non science,more specifically Arts stream. Will any of these be useful for XAT?

Easy and do able.

Yes, inability to clear any one section will lead to you losing the call. A candidate on an average could attempt questions. Rahul, Will have this checked. You should take a screen shot of the postal site and send it to them along with the documents.

Apologise for the delay. D in Computer Applications Other. Sir pronable NM Mumbai have sectional cut-offs?

XAT 2019 Essay Topics with Answers, PDF, Current Essay Writing Tips

It hence becomes essential to unravel their true meaning and in the process, attempt to formulate an equation between the two.


I was anxious about my exam preparation.

Team CL on February 16, at Sir will SIC be conducted at nagpur? Please refer to point no. These however can change.

probable essay topics for xat 2015

SNF, you should go for a retake only if you expect to see a jump of 20 marks or so. In XAT there was no Grammar question. Discuss your career goal,how being at FMS can help you achieve your goals?

XAT 10 valuable Last Minute Tips

So it could well be possible that right now he is lying but at other times he speaks truth. Subscribe for Important updates, Free Mocktest and News. As you have told that it is a min xqt your post abovehave you assumed 10 mins for collecting OMRs for written test and distribution of essay sheet?

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