Jejebusters, along with the Jejemons, were widely seen on social networking sites mocking their opponent. She also has encouraged the teachers to use proper spelling and grammar to teach the students. In fact, the jejemon language has no defined rules or patterns. One may have all but still possessed the dominating ones. Language Change in Progress:

On the other hand, they slightly use this texting style when they do chatting and colloquial conversation. As a result, an “SMS language” has been developed where words are shortened in order to fit the character limit. She men- tioned that Jejemon are individuals with low IQ with their idiocy on the web. One morphological transformation is clipping and novel spelling which is the dropping of sounds and replacement of letters is with sounds similar to those that are deleted. This implied the need to educate young students to practice correct spelling so they can cope with their English requirements [9]. Click here to sign up.

Teen talk linguistic styles in electronic mails. Sanchez has ppaper in higher education for more than 3 decades now. Research Methodology This study is qualitative in nature. Numbers to substitute letters; e.


One of which is the computer — mediated communication. Elijah Mendoza posted an article on May 04, about a list of the worst jejemon-related thing found on the web. On the other hand, the results further suggest an emerging trend and relationship if measures are not to be done. American Psychological Association stated.


A photo of presidential bet, Gilbert Teodoro, has been viral in social networking sites where he, Lakas-Kampi-CMD pa;er bearer, is seen holding a paper with the words “Pababalikin ko ang mga jejemon sa elementarya I’ll bring those Jejemons back to school. Novel words were characterized by replacement of letters with sounds to those that are deleted.

research paper jejemon

Unconventional use of punctuations; d. Hence, Jejemonism helps one’s mind to keep active. This was not frequently used in the data.

research paper jejemon

A questionnaire was devised and validated. This manner of communicating is also prevalent in social websites such as Facebook. The researchers looked into the different walls of different Facebook users to identify the jejemon occurrences.

Another definition given by Urbandictionary to them is that their punctuation, language rules and grammar are improper and unaccepted http: Unlike texters who found it tiring to compose complete words and found it easier to shorten their text, jejemons do otherwise.

J3jeHm0wnZxs: JEJEMON CULTURE: Misconceptions and Benefits

Click here to sign up. Apparent- ly, teachers and parents do not necessarily impinge any influence at all in terms of the societal root of the problem. Methodology The Descriptive Research design was used in this study as it tried to gather data on the prevalence of the jejemon texting style of high school students.

The jejemon style of writing originated from short-handed typing through the short messaging service. She men- tioned that Jejemon are individuals with low IQ with their idiocy on the web. Second, their fashion; both has a distinct way of dressing which makes it unique and can easily be pointed out. Retrieved May 25, from Manila Standard Website.


The Effects of Jejemon Essay

He con- siders himself as unique and stylish by producing words that only jejemon texters understand. Least affordance is traced when they are communicating with their parents and siblings at pxper, and among their teachers in their school community.

The overuse of punctuation marks is used to emphasize intensity of feeling of the user. People also base one’s intelligence on their spelling and grammar.

An alternative alphabet for the English language that is used primarily on the Internet. Alternate use of lower and upper case The combination of the lower and upper case letters is another characteristic of a jejenese. For the purpose of investigation in this study, jejemon texting style is rooted to select social and ed- ucational influences.

What is Computed Mediated Communication retrieved May 10, from http: Nolasco published on June 13,in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, he said that: The negative results would post a threat to their English performances particularly on linguistic competences if and when their exposure to this resarch will continue.

People should stop jejeemon and judging other people by their style since everyone has their right to express themselves freely.

The jejemon craze in the Philippines.

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