Your answers will be confidential. This is strictly confidential Gender: The student investigator introduced himself to the course instructor and the students at the end of spring and asked them to participate in the study. The improvement in the PBL group was 1. Towards the end of their mechanical ventilation course, the USA course instructor administered the post-test, giving students the same question instrument. Your name and other facts that might point to you will not appear when we present this study or publish its results.

Inclusion Criteria Students who were 19 years old or older, who were enrolled in a mechanical ventilation course, and who agreed to participate were included. According to the ventilator’s capabilities, which of the following would the respiratory therapist expect to occur? Academic Medicine, 82 4 , — This chapter is organized as follows: A patient who weighs 60 kg lb is sedated and receiving volume-controlled ventilation. Training nurses for CPR: These questions shall be given to you by your mechanical ventilation course instructor at your program in your classroom.

This study has shown PBL to be effective, but not significantly more effective than traditional lecture-based methods in regards to objective test scores.

gsu respiratory therapy thesis

thesia The paired samples test also included a t-value of Inclusion Criteria Students who were 19 years old or older, who were enrolled in a mechanical ventilation course, and who agreed to participate were included. This may be especially true in the medical field, since it is projected to be a field that will continue to grow over the next few decades.

The pre- and post-test administration was explained to the course instructor and two packages that contained the informed consent forms, the pre-test, and the post-test were left at his office.


A greater difference in improvement would lend more strength to any conclusions drawn about the effectiveness of PBL.

respiratory therapy thesis gsu

International Journal of Academic Research, 2 4— Which of the following actions should the therapist take? The group had a correlation of 0.

respiratory therapy thesis gsu

Unlike students who were taught through a lecture-based format, Bransford, Franks, Vye, and Sherwood reported that learning in a problem-solving context, such as the PBL format, allowed graduates to spontaneously use this approach to solve new problems that they might face in their future career.

Two universities were chosen for the pre- and post-tests: A review of literature on its outcomes and implantation issues. Case studies, problem base-learning and simulations in biomedical teaching: Problem-based learning versus lecture.

However, no significant respiratorh between the knowledge that PBL students and traditional students acquired through science courses were found.

A year-old female is Traditional classroom curricula emphasize the presentation of content information through a lecture format whereas the PBL method therzpy on the introduction of real-life problems as a means to facilitate self-directed learning Beachey, As Beers pointed out, to justify the therap resources that are required to implement a PBL curriculum, one would expect significant improvement in clinical knowledge and performance.

Not all studies have found a positive link between PBL and improved skills or knowledge acquisition. PBL students did not perform worse than their conventional lecture-based counterpart students in any of the study measures. One possibility is that the higher initial test scores indicate a higher aptitude for learning in the traditional method group.

Gabr and Mohamed concluded that PBL is a powerful approach to learning for nursing resiratory seeking practical problem-solving experience and self-directed learning.


New approaches to instruction: The questions were the independent variable in the study, as the same 10 questions were used in all four tests: The course instructor obtained informed consent from students and administered the question instrument on mechanical ventilation pre-test. Academic Medicine, 82 4 res;iratory, — The pre- and post-test were compared using an independent t-test. A different study found that clinical competencies among students in a Respiraatory environment were stronger than those in traditional settings, although the differences were small and non significant de Vries et al.

gsu respiratory therapy thesis

Thesis, Dissertation or Project: GSU female students showed the least improvement; however, this demographic group started with the highest test score mean of all the demographic sections in either test group. Lewis School of Nursing and Health Professions director of graduate studies and research, or by me.

respiratory therapy thesis gsu

Also, this study seems to contradict the trend in medical school programs and other fields of promoting PBL over traditional teaching methods. A first-year experience with problem based learning in respirwtory baccalaureate cardiorespiratory care program. The study concluded that the PBL learning strategy had a positive effect on knowledge and skills acquisition.

PBL or didactic educational models were randomly selected for sites. All tests used a question multiple-choice format.

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