I will test whether a president is successful with persuasive speeches and use of persuasive language. Evidence of this is the fact that he managed to decrease unemployment from over 25 percent as well as raise poor economic conditions that had been deteriorating for months. Barber argues that all presidents can be categorised in this way and can help to gain insight of to the presidential rules current and future. They are not so interested in absolute power or policy ends but rather just the popularity it brings. Overall, to conclude this section, there are clear flaws in both theories in methodology of testing.

This paper will examine both theories and give suggestion on how they would be tested. Eisenhower had his presidency during peace and prosperity and also had a friendly congress and public popularity, this is in contrast to Clinton who had a similar situation but had the opposition of an unfriendly political system. With the separation of powers it is impossible for a president’s agenda to blindly weave its way through and get passed. The president’s primary power is to persuade and bargain, not to command. The president’s reputation comes into play by how reliant the government’s infrastructure has on the president to carry out his legislation. There is more to executing the job of the presidency than there seems. Overall, to conclude this section, there are clear flaws in both theories in methodology of testing.

Barber identifies five key components that comprise presidential psychology. The dependent variable for this test would be to see whether legislation has been passed successfully and if there was a re-election of a certain president. The power to persuade is perhaps the most important aspect of the presidency that Neustadt writes about. There are claims that politicians are those that can balance all three styles and remain successful in their political life.

richard neustadt presidential power thesis

With this motivation, he sat down to write Presidential Powerwhich was first published in and went on to become the best selling scholarly study of the presidency ever written. Help Center Find new research papers in: It is an arduous process with its tools to carry it out only available from extensive experience in political office. The better presidebtial reputation of the president, the easier it will be to facilitate negotiations to implement policy.


Commands neutadt work in very special circumstances. Within their policy realm they have power almost equal to that of the president. But his essential point is that because presidents share power with other actors in the American political system, they can rarely get things done through command or unilateral action.

People in all positions cannot do much without persuading others to help them, and this applies even to the president.

A key point to make in the case of Nixon is that he had won by thessi landslide in but forced to resign in To empirically test both theories, it is important to acknowledge controlled variables that should be noted in the study. They described the presidency in terms of its formal powers, as laid out in the Constitution and subsequent statute. Following from this, it is also proven to be difficult in proving his personality traits.

A key notion for Barber is the balancing of all three roles creates the personality of the president. Related Reading The following summaries link or linked to neutsadt one: Yale University Press, Neustadt and his theories are held in the high respects in the political world. This is how the electorate expect him to act or react to a any given situation.

It is difficult reading his review to thoroughly understand what Neustadt was trying to say. To reiterate, neustadtt Barber had categorised the personality traits of a person into four sections.


richard neustadt presidential power thesis

Forests are the lungs powet our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people. Also, it would be difficult to place the sole blame of failure on the president as an entity rather than other factors, such as political environment, economic situation and global issues. Neustadt focuses on three distinctive traits that the president must possess to succeed in the white house, the power to persuade, his professional reputation and his public prestige.

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The president is only one of several masters of the bureaucracy, and even the White House staff have independent sources of power For this case, it can be measured by re-election success and legislation passed by that president. A good opinion on the constituency’s richrad will help the president’s policy move through congress. Perhaps someday I can turn editing back on again. This gives the president bargaining power. Oddly enough, the president sometimes has a stronger hand persuading Congress than persuading agency heads within the executive branch.


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With this motivation, he set down to write Presidential Powerwhich was first published in and went on to become the best selling scholarly study of the presidency ever written.

Abraham Lincoln was mentioned by 19 percent, Jesus Christ by fifteen percent and George Washington by 8 percent. Other levels of government have different constituencies and different sources of power and interest.

richard neustadt presidential power thesis

Another name for this system is institutionalized pluralism. Price’s review of Neustadt’s book, he calls the act ghesis policy making an art as well as a science.

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