Help us improve this article! During his rule Mpande had expanded Zulu military capacity, and Cetshwayo used this effectively against the British invaders at Isandhlwana in Such unilateral action by an imperial pro-consul was not unusual during the Victorian period. Rorke’s Drift was largely a battle of hand-to-hand combat and the crucial weapon was the bayonet. British Broadcasting Corporation Home. But he had powerful supporters.

But Dalton, an ex-NCO, came from what was considered the wrong background, and was ignored for almost a year. Durnford, as we have seen, did not disobey orders. Dan Snow asks why so many soldiers survived the trenches in WW1. After being convinced that the Zulu were an obstacle to federation, he provoked a war with them in December Spalding was aware that two companies of the 2nd 24th were overdue at the drift from Helpmekaar, some 15 mile distant, so he rode to Helpmekaar to ascertain their location.

Articles from Britannica Encyclopedias for elementary and high school students. But Dalton, an ex-NCO, came from what was considered the wrong background, and was ignored for almost a year. When the drunken Reverend Witt Jack Hawkins refuses to be pacified it is Bourne who confronts him with a dignified murmur: He is the experienced old soldier, resolutely unflappable in ror,es face of the Zulu onslaught, stoically mediating between the bickering officers, the frightened and bewildered rankers, and the troublemaking Hook.

Disraeli lost rorkfs election and died the following year. History at your fingertips.

On his own initiative a Colonel Harness gave orders for his small force of artillery and infantry to return to camp. And the responsibility for this lay with Queen Victoria herself.


Take a journey through the history of the home.

rorkes drift essay

The hospital was then abandoned to the Zulus. They annihilated the central British column at Isandlwana, killing British soldiers and eorkes nearly 1, rifles and ammunition. The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica. Chelmsford said no doubt poor Col. Far from being an Imperialist fable, Zulu carries a palpable anti-war message.

The British might be armed with rifles, but so are the Zulus, and in any case these slow-loading carbines are little use when you’re outnumbered 40 to one and the enemy is already upon you. Day of the Dead Moon esxay David Rattray. Even more significantly, he tried to push blame for the defeat onto Colonel Durnford, now dead, claiming that Durnford had disobeyed orders to defend the camp.

Anglo-Zulu War

Within days of Rorke’s Drift, Chelmsford was urging the speedy completion of the official report because he was ‘anxious to send that gleam of sunshine home as soon as possible’. Your contribution may be further edited by our staff, and its publication is subject to our final approval. Disraeli was protecting Chelmsford not because essxy believed him to be blameless for Isandlwana, but because he was under intense pressure to do so from the Queen.

The hunt was on for a scapegoat, and Chelmsford was the obvious candidate. The defence of Rorke’s Drift is one of the most revered episodes in British military history.

The Battle of Rorke’s Drift | Anglo Zulu War Historical Society

Find out more about page archiving. British forces invaded Zululand on 11 January After being convinced that the Zulu were an obstacle to federation, he provoked a war with them in December Dgift by Commissary Dalton, they began to prepare the position for defence by stacking heavy sacks of mealie corn and biscuit boxes around the position.


So what am I doing here? When it finally arrived, he added two names to the six recommended VCs – the names of lieutenants Chard and Bromhead. You can make it easier for us to review and, hopefully, publish your contribution by keeping a few points in mind. By 3pm, despite severe losses, the Zulus had captured the camp.

Chelmsford knew nothing, Col. He was convinced that the Zulus were gathering to the south-east, and so failed to reconnoitre adequately the broken ground to the north-east. There, lying in wait just five miles from the exposed camp at Isandlwana, were 20, Zulu warriors. Chelmsford he had been blamed by many, and even by the Government, for commencing the war without sufficient cause.

In addition, the war was not one of self-defence but of conquest.

rorkes drift essay

Cetshwayowho became esay of the Zulus inwas unwilling to submit to British hegemony and assembled a well-disciplined army of 40, to 60, men. The Zulus are at all times depicted as resourceful and courageous, and the scenes in the royal kraal go some way to exploring Zulu society in all its complex vitality.

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