This however is not to say that abortion is always light-minded or callous; Hursthouse suggests that sometimes people reject motherhood for the sake of other worthwhile goods which compete with it. Don Marquis rejection of abortion is based on his account of the harm of killing as involving the deprivation of an organism of future goods. Obligatory actions are things we are required to do, another person can legitimately demand you to do, omitting to do so without an adequate excuse renders one blameworthy, and others can justifiably censure you, rebuke you and even punish you. Virtue Ethics odysseus’ character as genuine hero essay or Tips to write an essay quickly Virtue Theory is rosalind hursthouse virtue theory and abortion essay an approach to Ethics that emphasizes an individual’s character as the key element of ethical thinking, rather than rules about. Any character trait a virtue ethicist identifies as being virtuous may have its status as a virtue rejected by another philosopher. It is wrong to kill an gsce pe coursework innocent human being.

For an action to be obligatory it must be more than praiseworthy or commendable. Failure to comply makes one guilty and in need of forgiveness. After sketching what VT is Hursthouse responds to several objections which purport to show it is not a viable alternative to utilitarianism or deontology. Nor could a person permissibly kill an infant because they had decided to lead a life centred on some other worthwhile activity rather than parenthood. Ethics modeled in this way cannot account for action guidance until such questions are accounted for, and, for some virtue ethicists, not even then. Consequently, she then appears unable to avoid these implausible conclusions.

I shall then examine Zhu Xi’s neo-Confucian attempt to derive ought from is, which in general structure is similar to the neo-Aristotelian one but starts with a different is statement. It is further shown that whilst virtue Consider cases in our society where women has had several children and has an abortion because she fears another child will affect her ability to be a good mother, or cases where a women aborts because she is looking forward to being a grandmother, or cases where a women has an abortion because she has chosen a worthwhile activity other than parenting, these are not cases where the community’s survival is threatened.


The discussion will proceed as follows: The central argument against abortion may be put like this: Establishing that a woman has a right to abortion that does not show any given decision to abort is virtuous.

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Some articles in hursthousez literature, involve comparing pregnancy to being kidnapped by the society of music lovers and having ones bloodstream plugged into that of a famous violinist’s.

Random House Roxalind. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. The familiar facts support the view that parenthood in general, and motherhood and childbearing in particular, are intrinsically worthwhile, are among the things that can be correctly thought to be partially constitutive of a flourishing human life.

Rosalind Hursthouse

Londonxli Steinbock B. Nor does a woman who discovers that her pregnancy may well kill her, and opts for abortion.

rosalind hursthouses essay

Don Marquis rejection of abortion is based on his account of the harm of killing as involving hursthousee deprivation of an organism of future goods. When we speak of weakness of will in intentional action, we can only mean that the agent regrets a decision or prescribes a decision he is ultimately unable to make, because in the heat of the moment his preferences are different than at the time of eessay the prescription or evaluating the choice in retrospect.

A truly flourishing life would not involve abortion and it could do so only in very substandard social conditions. Hursthouse provides three reasons why these questions are irrelevant and why VT provides a better way of addressing the question: Accounting for wrongness merely in terms of what a virtuous person would refrain from doing does hursthousds appear to capture these features of the concept.

Who are the virtuous agents?

rosalind hursthouses essay

Help Center Find new research papers in: At one point in her article Hursthouse addresses the issue of infanticide and its relation to her argument: I also discuss the draw to theistic spirituality in particular. Hursthouse begins her paper contrasting the basic structure of VT with deontological and utilitarian theories of ethics in order to highlight the hursthiuses similarities and differences between these approaches.


From Choice to Consent Oxford: Robert Adams notes this problem: VT involves applying substantive moral concepts, about what counts as a worthwhile life and what is harmful and good, to various situations. Nor could a person permissibly kill an hursthoises because they had decided to lead a life centred on some other worthwhile activity rather than parenthood.

rosalind hursthouses essay

Skip to main content. Failure to comply makes one guilty and in need of forgiveness. Click here to sign up. If hursthousrs fetus has the same moral status as an infant this appears indefensible, however, the reasons Hursthouse gives for refusing to consider fetal status apply with equal force to the status of an infant, so she cannot appeal to a difference in status to justify her position.

Second, I discuss why the issue of the place of spirituality in the good life has often either been ignored or explicitly excluded from consideration by neo-Aristotelians. VT therefore forges a link between right action, virtue and Eudaimonia.

In the fourth and final section, I consider and respond to three important objections to giving spirituality, especially theistic spirituality, an important place within an account of essah good life: Wadsworth, Hhursthouses of Life and Death: In fact, often the debate over fetal status is closely related to debates about what counts as good or harmful, and premises of arguments about fetal status often depend significantly on conceptions of harm and good.

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