Noble was honored along with six other policemen hailing from the Cordillera region during a Mass at the headquarters of the Cordillera police. Again, we differ, sure I grew up idolizing Marcos,being a military brat like you, but born in the seventies, but it stopped at age We want them to run to us if they are scared… not be scared of us. Today, Philippines is at Peace and in Economic Partnership with Spain and Japan and America is always by our sides every time we need them. Joey Gamutan, 33, and his wife Merlyn celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary miles apart. So earlier this month, when he told her his training in the United States would coincide with her special day, she decided to move it.

I like the twist at the end. Because I am a finger-pointer myself — and I am very inclined right now to point the finger at culture and religion. He had called her that day to inform her of the dangerous mission. PO1 Windel Candano — a native of Dumanjug, Cebu province — will be remembered as a man who left no soldier behind on the battlefield. He placed service to the people before anything else. Karl do you remember the name of this Philippine colonel?

saf 44 essay tagalog

The New York Times. They were both right, of course. The fallen heroes will also get a posthumous promotion.

The faces of the #SAF44

How to Manipulate People. Funny, just recently today?

So, yes, coming to terms with evil is definitely part of the solution but it has to start at the individual level… and spread outward. It had this caption: More and more people are starting to recognize this if I read the various comment threads correctly.

The President went directly to Purisima and kept it simple and secure.


FDLS Online Magazine: Reaction Paper : Mamasapano, Maguindanao Massacre (Fallen 44)

Wattpad’s inline commenting lets you share thoughts and interact with the story while you are reading. Agree with me or not – your paper will be a stand out if you can defend your reaction supported with facts. Let me put it here so that it sav not get lost when I find something else to stick in the right column: We will see each other again in heaven.

He will await the findings of his appointed panel of PNP investigators, and then he will announce a complete version of the findings, to the extent that he does not reveal matters of national security. Or, maybe there is the getting sensitized to PNoy coming across and looking for history and context of action and follow-thru.

This page was last edited on 18 Aprilat Or, a selfie twinkle from smartphones flash documenting the last gasp of life? You are commenting using your Twitter account. Unfortunately, in the context of politics and sad culture of corruption, his key man had been suspended.

Sagupaan sa Mamasapano

No thanks to you David. FBI says it had no priorknowledge of deadly Philippine raid targeting militants”. Chum was a member of the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity, which lost six other tagapog in the bloody encounter.

Police Officer 1 Angel C. That, and the fact that he speak for an institution whose history of murder, pedophilia, corruption, and violence had largely remained un-atoned. Described by many as humble, Cyrus was a born leader — he was a boy scout troop leader, he was a high school CAT officer, he was company commander of his PNPA class.

saf 44 essay tagalog

He explained that the fighters were not shooting at SAF troopers but at years of oppression. The slaughter of SAF troops, done in ISIS style, is reflective of the new, intensely brutal method of Muslim extremist fighting that uses horror to instill fear, and that ignores any human decency or compassion.


The idea that a former president would lead an attempt to unseat a duly elected president. On January 30,The US Embassy released an official statement expressing its “heartfelt condolences to the families, friends, and colleagues” of the slain SAF policemen. It was a good though tragic move. Until his death, Rodrigo Acob Jr.

Mamasapano: who was at fault, and why | The Society of Honor: the Philippines

I will consider six parties and look at their roles in shaping the context for the deaths. This was not just a simple police action, already stopped several times before, but a special one, with the help of foreign assistance sensitivein an area that just had a peace agreement signed.

Look at their stance on the Tavalog Bill, look at their endless meddling in political affairs.

saf 44 essay tagalog

Yet this time, upon literally crossing over to the first town of Norte Badocmaybe it just might have been my imagination and the almost sudden change in terrain that something came over me that made me see the geography around tagalig a way that is different during previous trips covering the succession of towns lining La Union and Ilocos Sur. That rage even hit aaf peace negotiators for seeming to defend the MILF, about the last place guilt ought to be assigned.

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