You may wish to complete your senior thesis with one or more other students. The Second Reader needs to be accessible to you during the entire senior thesis process and must attend and participate actively in your thesis defense. You may wish to work with a professor with whom you previously took a class, your major advisor, or someone with whom you have been working in a lab. It is important to realize that carrying out a project over the long term with multiple people can significantly complicate matters in terms of scheduling time for research, writing, revisions, and the defense. To address some of these issues, looking back I realized I used a qualitative approach to answer questions that the data could not tell me. In fact, the Second Reader may be a person in the local community and does not have to be affiliated with USC in any way.

What makes this tournament quintessential to the sport and distinguished from other tournaments is its unique course; always held at this particular golf club, the invitational format ensures a small number of players. A Tradition Unlike Any Other: Send copies to yourself in email. The sample was small, but grouped together, the responses emphasize that this tradition leads to tangible benefits for the student and our university, serving as the capstone of a South Carolina Honors College education. A change in topic also requires a new proposal be attached to the new contract. Take SCHC , an online, 1 credit-hour course.

You seniro wish to work with a professor with whom you previously took a class, your major advisor, or someone with whom you have been working in a lab. Yet what stops us from learning more to continue this tradition?

The purposes of the defense are: This must be submitted in the required format as specified in the Submission Guide.


Under no circumstances should a grade be posted before you have conducted a defense or before your Thesis Director has approved the final copy. Students and Thesis Directors can contact Dr.

schc senior thesis handbook

Keep your appointments, especially if you are having difficulty. Senior Year Work on the senior thesis should be conducted during the entirety of your senior year.

You are expected to spend your entire senior year on its completion.

In fact, the Second Reader may be a person in the local community and does not have to be affiliated with USC in any way. Alternatively, the manuscript and artifact may be uploaded separately.

schc senior thesis handbook

My Honors College SC. The Honors College Phenomenon.

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Public History and the College Campus If this problem persists during your search for a director, you may find it necessary to alter or completely change your topic. At the defense’s conclusion, both you and the public are excused while the two readers determine the modifications, which must be made before the thesis will be accepted.

Although the thesis is a requirement towards graduation from the University with honors from the South Carolina Honors College, we encourage you to think of it thesix an opportunity express the quality of your intellectional development and to draw your hanndbook learning experiences together.

What is the role of assessing an honors senior thesis in determining the significance of an honors education in the 21st century? What is the difference between a thesis paper and a thesis project? Meagan Blakesley moo n shine: Your Thesis Director should provide guidance in research, establish the criteria for grading, and will be responsible for entering a grade at the conclusion of the project. How do you support students who choose a topic outside of their discipline and seniir thesis writing guidelines to ensure quality and consistency for thesiis type of thesis?


Interdisciplinarity or creativity in subject choice is encouraged, however, provided that you and your Director feel the chosen topic is thesos. Carson Morris Heads Up: A senior thesis defense must be held before your Thesis Director assigns a final grade.

schc senior thesis handbook

If you will be receiving 6 or more credit hours for your thesis, you will be assigned to either the Honors College Dean or one of the Associate Deans and will be expected to regularly update him or her on the progress of your work.

Depending on the work involved in completing the project itself, it is likely the written component will be quite a bit shorter than a traditional research paper. On the Public Financing of Sports Stadiums However, students often underestimate the time required to complete their projects.

Suggestions for revisions will be made both during and after the defense.

Resources for:

The flexibility you have in selecting your topic is virtually limitless. If you have been awarded alternate sources of funding e.

Each year, SCHC distributes a senior survey and, amongst several questions, asks students to comment on the senior thesis process. You must submit one copy of the pre-defense draft, complete with scholarly apparatus e. A major hurdle in commencing with the senior thesis is the selection of a thesis director. A Literature Review 3:

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