Restricted to graduate student in the M. Topic to be specified in Class Schedule. For C W majors: Concentration in Art History and Studio Art. Faculty and visiting writers representing a range of styles and subjects read from their works and discuss their creative process with students. Public Administration Toggle Public Administration.

Preference given to majors. Secondary Education Toggle Secondary Education. Academic Catalog Web Contact: Course Index Toggle Course Index. Writing workshop for students in the early phases of writing a novel. Enrollment by petition form available in department office. Creation and revision of original creative nonfiction to a finished, publishable state.

Examination of the creative process with an emphasis on techniques, style, and structure.

sfsu creative writing internships

Bachelor of Arts in English: An examination of contemporary Israeli culture through literature, cinema, and theater. Computer Science Toggle Computer Science.

Plus-minus letter grade only. Bachelor of Arts in Chinese: Individual conferences to direct the student’s project in one writinh the creative writing forms. Survey of Greece’s prominent modern poets in comparison with major Anglo-American and European poets.

College of Business Toggle College of Business. Pedagogical grounding for pragmatic classroom teaching for undergraduates under the supervision of experienced faculty and in collaboration with other students. Bachelor of Arts in Svsu and Adolescent Development: Both programs are distinguished by innovative classes. Chemistry and Biochemistry Toggle Chemistry and Biochemistry.


Creative Writing < San Francisco State University

Concentration in International Business. Many celebrated and distinguished writers are graduates of the department. Students inteenships their writing skills through internships with community literary organizations. The core literature classes assure that students will continue to absorb and be trained in a writin of the best literature of the past.

Students are expected to concentrate on revision of a play, on intrenships work to a finished state, ready for production. Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies: Focus on linguistic, literary, political, and philosophical aspects of transfer of meaning between languages in an era of globalization. Examine and experiment with the artistic processes of published writers and a variety of other artists who’ve taken a project from idea to completion.

Graduate standing or consent of the instructor. Decision Sciences Toggle Decision Sciences. Non-Creative Writing majors permitted with the consent of the instructor.

Degrees Offered Toggle Degrees Offered. General Education Toggle General Education. Students are expected to concentrate on revision of poetry, on bringing work to a finished, publishable state.


scsu International Business Toggle International Business. Topics to be specified in the Class Schedule. They learn by vigorous practice; by focused studies of craft; and by extensive reading, analysis, and discussion of their work, as well as that of published authors. Concerns themes of human sexuality and gender in their psychological, social, political, moral, and aesthetic dimensions, combined with personal experience and personal expression.

Creative Writing

The Creative Writing Department has a strong core faculty and invites several visiting faculty each semester. Apply to the instructor during the semester prior to desired enrollment.

sfsu creative writing internships

Certificate Information Toggle Certificate Information. Workshop in Short Plays Units:

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