Discussion In this study, we examined the internal psychometric properties using Rasch scaling and concurrent validity of a more efficient item version of the SPSI-R short form to assess social problem-solving abilities. Please review our privacy policy. Scale Structure Stability To assess the stability of the item locations in the reduced item version across samples, we correlated item location estimates obtained separately in the validation and cross-validation samples. Problem-solving appraisal, health complaints, and health-related expectancies. The low-vision rehabilitation sample was administered the SPSI-R short form and several other psychological measures following their initial clinical eye examination.

Journal of College Student Development. What are my options? However, positive responding was not seen on other ques- This study shows that, overall, adults with person- tionnaires e. There was no monetary incentive for returning materials. Open in a separate window.

Both social problem-solving versions were correlated negatively with depression and positively with life satisfaction, supporting the concurrent validity of the global problem-solving scores.

social problem solving inventory-revised scale (spsi-r)

Although several inventoory-revised these empirically based measures assess a specific aspect of problem solving, only the SPSI-R provides for a more comprehensive assessment of all theoretical components linked to contemporary models of social problem solving i. British Journal of Psychiatry,— Total scores on the item SPSI-R version can range from 0 inventory-rvised 40, with higher scores reflecting greater effective social problem-solving abilities. Randomised controlled trial comparing problem solving treatment with amitriptyline and placebo for major depression in primary care.

Social Problem-Solving Inventory-Revised (SPSI-R)

Results for each scale i. It is suitable for educational, health care, corrections, or business environments with people who want to explore and develop their social problem-solving skills. Log In Sign Up. Personality and Individual Differences. Social problem-solving abilities and psychological adjustment of persons in low vision rehabilitation. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.


Of the sample, 81 were single, 26 were married, 16 were widowed, 5 were separated, and 3 were divorced. Social problem-solving abilities, social support, and adjustment among family caregivers of individuals with a stroke.

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SPSI-R® – Social Problem-Solving Inventory-Revised | Multi Health Systems (MHS Inc.)

As part of separate, ongoing studies, the SPSI-R long-form version was administered to both the caregiver sample and the diabetes sample. The measure has also been shown to be related to important measures of psychological distress, well-being, and social competence i.

There was no invnetory-revised incentive for returning materials. A brief problem-solving intervention for family caregivers to individuals with advanced cancer. British Journal of Health Psychology. To achieve this purpose, we conducted a Rasch analysis of the SPSI-R 1 that had been administered to three different clinical samples.

Self-esteem and social problem solving as predictors of aggression in college students. Self-appraised problem solving skills and the prediction of secondary complications among persons with spinal cord injury.

Social Problem-Solving Inventory-Revised (SPSI-R) – The Cognitive Centre

Macular degeneration was the most frequent primary referring diagnosis for the sample Prospective participants identified from the clinic database by clinic administration were mailed a questionnaire containing a cover letter inventoy-revised the nature of the inventtory-revised, a brief demographic form that did not request any personal identification, a consent form, and the measures of social problem-solving abilities and adjustment.


These features will increase the likelihood of their use by various health care providers and in settings in which particular chronic health conditions limit respondents from completing forms independently e.

Social problem-solving abilities and health behaviors among persons with a recent-onset spinal cord injury. What are my options?

The 10 items were separately validated on the sample of persons living with diabetes mellitus and the sample of family caregivers of persons with severe disabilities. The the SFQ score at Time 2 was produced, showing mean age of the inventory-ervised sample was Social problem-solving abilities predict pressure sore occurrence in the first 3 years of spinal cord injury.

social problem solving inventory-revised scale (spsi-r)

The therapy focuses on teaching people with personality disorder Huband et al. Item fit statistics in the two samples ranged from 0. Soling or obsessive—compulsive personality disorder over two Research and Practice, 79, — Item separation reliabilities were. The scaling was conducted using Winsteps Version 3. The 10 items were also cross-validated.

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