Those that follow the comments will note that Grumps claimed to discover via his own research that gold was a bad inflation hedge and posted his thoughts here as a revelation for us confused FOFOA cultists. The ‘other white metals’ seem to have found a range, likely supported by industrial use in auto catalytic converters. I answered for two reasons. Take Agnico for example. The tiny margins or shifts are associated with stupendous volume, so an awful lot of mouths are very well fed on the margins and the equally tiny commissions.

Since under the Gibson paradox long-term interest rates moved with the general price level, the relative price of gold moved inversely to long-term rates. It will, for the first time in history, put average-income savers on equal footing with the truly wealthy. However, in both April and May, the most recent months for which there is data Federal Reserve Bulletin , July , table 3. Woland, with the recently reported fuss that Bandar Bin Sultan allegedly made in Russia and now his comments about Syria, he looks rather unprofessional. The problem is that we are mortal. So make it a good one!

Under the gold summers-basky, higher prices meant that an ounce of gold purchased fewer goods, i. Phat Expat I have tried only Lepanto and I thought it was very good, the bottle is also very nice I keep them.

From then through March there was virtually no change in the amount of foreign earmarked gold at the N.

FOFOA: Gold as a FOREX Currency

The views expressed by the portfolio manager in this article are current god of the date of this article, and are subject to change at any time based on market and other considerations. They are getting more gold every year and maybe want to stall things until the have ‘enough’. Finally Holmes is dumping that GLD holding.


It was not a blinding flash of awareness that minimized investment expectations. There golf an unstated assumption that economic outcomes can be achieved through adherence information known only to a small circle of practitioners.

Bitcoin so far serves as one of those straws of hope.

If your goal is to get respect from those here, this will not work. Woland, Yes, I had Quatar on the wrong team. I had been looking but there has been hardly anything around on this. I am sure he isn’t just a clown. No interest rate high enough. Very nice; perhaps a bit sharper than the Hennessy, but definitely a close competitor; and for the price, it is quite good indeed. We were cheered by the recent FT disparagement of gold.

MdV Well, you know, import fees and all that. Whether they have gold or not tesis people will be familiar with the basic concept of Freegold. YOU “The point is that the paper gold portion of the gold market is where the thesix of gold is discovered, and it appears that gold trading as a FOREX currency is the largest portion of the paper gold market, by an order of magnitude even. Where it truly “takes money to make money” and where the “real money” is made, for what it’s worth At some point trust will reenter the system.


However, in both April and May, the most recent months for which there is data Federal Reserve BulletinJulytable 3. How is that for a stupid remark?

Barton Biggs: Weekend Gold Worm

Through its long history of 3, years or so gold has never gone down to 0. So only the savers will stick with it. The debth and liquidity of the paper market Then I can really lower my cost basis.

summers-barsky gold thesis

I chose to do some research for myself you smell like a tunnel-vision egotist sounding as if your research is better than ours.

It’s been obvious that the shares have summees-barsky manipulated down like the bullion.

summers-barsky gold thesis

Why do you think the bond market is so much larger than the stock market? The shrimps of the world will ultimately use gold too but for most of us, if we save in gold now, it seems like it needs to happen yesterday it does for me. Once you accept this then you are free to truly understand that everything floats. This is the place a goldbug cannot look. How are those mining shares doing? So, when somebody compulsively shits all over every blog entry, multiple times per day, there is no solution for that?

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