What happens if you failed four subjects from the first semester at the university? You need to achieve the requirements set out in 1 above to progress to the next stage or to achieve your award. Undergraduate students must register on modules worth credits per stage i. Please refer to the frequently asked questions available on the following webpage for further information:. You dismissed this ad.

The exam board also has discretion to offer a second and final resit for one or more failed modules for a capped mark, provided 60 credits have been achieved in the stage. Please check your assessment timetable on Sussex Direct for the correct resit submission point. What happens if you fail one module in first year at Sussex university? Therefore the marks achieved on the placement year will contribute to classification based on the lowest of the weightings. Just click the link to enter a name. This is in recognition of good performance across the year. I graduated from Sussex with a 2:

Resit examinations – Students – University of Essex

There are also invidual tutorials available with a study skills adviser. C Organisational Psychology If you have challenging circumstances such as bringing up a child or working a job, be realistic about how you will keep up with the work.

sussex resit essay

Your work will be marked and feedback provided normally within 3 weeks of the assessment submission deadline or in-person assessment Please see regulation 2. We have a procedure for managing how the impact of these circumstances can be taken into consideration. The optional resit will be offered in the summer vacation assessment period following the summer exam boards for undergraduate students or the summer vacation period of the following year, if the compensated module was for a resit taken in the summer vacation assessment period.

I took two re-sits in my first two years, both in September. If you pass your exam and are able to progress, a new CAS Certificate of Acceptance of Studies can then be issued and you will apply for a new Tier 4 visa in your home country before resuming your studies.


The exam board may award up to 30 credits per stage via compensation, trailed credit or condoned credit. Answered Apr 1, The University acknowledges that as students go through the process of examination and assessment, there may be temporary, sudden and unforeseen circumstances which affect their performance in assessment.

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The cycle of assessment consists of a first attempt and a resit attempt at each stage of your studies. This is to enable you to achieve the award whilst allowing up to 30 credits to not be passed. If you fail the stage you may be given an opportunity to repeat the stage.

It’s doesn’t matter if just fail one module you can fail two module- 30 credits. What are sussxe grounds for making an appeal?

If you take an alternative module, you will take the main cycle of assessment, for example coursework and an examination, along with the next cohort. Time spent on temporary withdrawal or outside the UK during your course may also be included in the cap unless your visa has eesay cancelled. Please note that there is a deadline for requests to be sent to schools which is included on the form.

The optional resit will be offered in the summer vacation assessment period following the summer exam boards for postgraduate and undergraduate students or the summer vacation period of esszy following year, where the condoned mark is for a resit taken in the summer vacation assessment period.

sussex resit essay

Two semesters Entry points: If you fail an exam you will usually be offered a retake sit or resit during the resit period August-September. Please refer to the frequently asked questions available on the following webpage for further information: Do a “deep search” instead.


The exam board has discretion to give an undergraduate student the opportunity to progress to the next stage of study whilst trailing a failed module up to a maximum of 30 credits, following essya resit opportunity, provided that the Stage Mean requirement essy been met. Answered Mar 16, C Individuals and Groups You will need to register to take the optional resit within 7 days of receiving the email from the Student Systems and Records office.

Late Penalties What happens if I miss an assessment deadline?

sussex resit essay

Each module usually has one or more assessmentsdetails of which appear on your Sussex Direct page. The exam board can condone a failure on a module trailed into the final stage provided that you achieve credits on the modules taken in the final stage and have achieved a mark greater than zero on the failed module.

If you are a final year student and you cannot take your retake before your current visa expires, you will also be required to leave the UK and return on a Short-term study visa. Please familiarise yourself with the Short-term study visa requirements. esway

Resit examinations

I did not realise that the first year of ssusex for my degree was considered to be less important than year 2 and 3. Temporary Withdrawal FAQ page. How could I fail my first year of university?

Please note however that if your appeal submission is bulky or if there are a large number of attachments or these are not possible to access you will be requested to provide a hard copy.

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