S — Market segmentation T — Target marketing P — Positioning Before a company satisfies its customers, it first finds out the need and want of customers. Local product development is based on the needs of local customers. They want to be the best company through their best effort, suitable and competitive marketing strategy and the consumers support. Recommendations From SEL marketing experience along with the academic knowledge gathered for preparing this report there would have few recommendations to introduce this product in the particular market segment. Price promotions —products are being made available temporarily as at a lower price, or some premium e. They can either stop them and invest the money in other businesses or can work hard to increase their level of profit from these. Many French consumers do not know that the Gap even exists, so they cannot decide to go shopping there.

As the deal with these only two products, no real threat is there in Dogs or in Question Marks. As a market leader they have some market strategy. Company profile is becoming complex and hard to control and maintain the standard. How the product is distributed is also a country-by-country decision influenced by how the competition is being offered to the target market. By taking several right and necessary steps, they can make more profit from it.

Term Paper Pran RFL(1)

The licensor company is paid an annual royalty by the licensee company for using its manufacturing technology and brand name. Place Place includes company activities that make the product available to target consumers. We also like to thank those, who helped us by giving there valuable time, direction and information to make the report in a appropriate way. Their view is to create more employment to eliminate poverty.


They used to supply their farm products to the cities Kawran Bazaar, griup the value addition was very low. Any complex process will keep away the technicians from the use of the product. They may generate enough cash to maintain themselves but do not promise to be large sources of cash.

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Poverty alleviation through profitable enterprises is now a reachable goal for many farmers. Minimum market potential, minimum profit, return on investment, acceptable competitive levels, standards of political stability.

There are some nations that are experiencing political instability and any company entering such a market would need ferm be rewarded for the risk that they would take. Ensure regular service availability.

They can fill up the demand to their target customer and particularly the ready flat of SEL has strong brand name so it supply rapidly to the target customer. Variety They make varieties of apartments all over the Bangladesh.

Now grou are one of the largest conglomerate merger companies.

Later on the organization concentrated on producing Pineapple, Lemon, Guava and Litchi juice. One good thing is that they are doing some small businesses like ceramic business or furniture business in order to just getting the materials to run properly the SEL real estate company which certainly makes the difference from others. Various apartment sizes according to the project location and as per requirement of the client base.

This is used for manufacturing products.

term paper on pran rfl group

Otherwise they stop the plan at this phase 3. According to their policy SEL selected the middle and upper middle class not higher class people as their client.

Term Paper Pran RFL(1) –

Attitude toward the termm. We would like to thank our honorable course coordinator Miss. They can either stop them and invest the money in other businesses or can work hard to increase their level of profit from these. After a certain period of time, the make it completely finished and hand over them to the customers.


Now they are one of the largest groups in Bangladesh. So they have to do market segmentation to find their customers because a company cannot satisfy all the customers. Supervisory and worker level — 30, ptan. Even when consumers know that a product exists and could possibly satisfy some of their desires, it may take a while before they get around to trying the product—especially when there are so many other products that compete for their attention and wallets.

International Distribution Promotional tools. PRAN, the largest exporter of processed food from Bangladesh, had a vision of creating a huge demand globally of those agro based products produced by native farmers.

term paper on pran rfl group

In the United States, beverages are sold by the pallet via warehouse stores. It started to grow pineapple, banana and papaya. Conversely, a product promoted as the low-cost option in France would find limited success in a pricey boutique. In India, this is not an option. Bangladesh has a great potential to tap the export market of petroleum by product. They sell it most. They want to be the market leader by excelling in product quality, social, technical and marketing creativity and service to their consumers through skill and cordial commitment of their employee.

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