They tell different stories, are set in different times, feature different actors and cater to different audiences. In my solitude I realized I was hoping for a miracle that defied the logic of a biopic. These Minnesota grown-ups take Wiffle ball seriously — very seriously. Any of us would be so lucky. StarTribune Follow Us On: On the contrary, the directors also emphasis the time Grant served in prison as well.

Local Bummer of a summer for Twin Cities? This can make a difference in how black men are perceived in the real world, said black filmmaker Ava DuVernay. Mehserle stood, pulled his Sig Sauer P from its holster, and shot Grant in the back. Health December 4, How about receiving a customized one?

Perhaps it’s serendipity, then, that gives “Fruitvale Station” so much power: When Grant’s death hit the news, what much of the public saw was a convicted drug dealer who had been released from prison three months before his death. Advertise with us Talk with a business consultant Media kit Classifieds.

Asked what it felt like to close that gap, the actor Jordan said, “It felt real. In the middle of the scene, their 4-years old daughter is entering the room, and Grant is hurrying to hide a bag full of weed, meant for distribution.

thesis statement for fruitvale station

Paul to beef up enforcement of sick time rules. Oscar Grant did not deserve to die. Thomas will ‘involuntarily’ leave MIAC by spring of 3: They featured four black films: For decades the Hollywood machine has resisted rolling out multiple black movies for fear of oversaturating the market. Fruitvale Station became a landmark in the community almost immediately after Mehserle gunned Grant down there.


They didn’t see everything else that’s in “Fruitvale Station. Mothers still worry about whether their sons will become statistics.

The underlying thesis has been threefold: Trump stalks out on Democrats, demands end of investigations.

AP Essay: Black male humanity shown in ‘Fruitvale’ –

It’s part of a recent wave of independent black films that are putting authentic black characters on more screens than ever. Dax-Devlon Ross is the author of five books and has written essays and articles for a range of publications, including Time and the New York Times. The police are abusive; Grant and friends respond with belligerence. Click to learn more https: What can I say?

thesis statement for fruitvale station

You can find him at daxdevlonross. He wants to hold down a legal job — and he can’t make it to work on time.

‘Fruitvale Station’ Avoids Cliché and Breaks Hollywood’s Black Male Martyr Mold

Plan may send up to 10, troops to Mideast. Police detained Grant and his friends on the platform of the Fruitvale station. Twins Arraez emerges as Twins folk hero, but will he get to Target Field?

But for many in the Thesia Area who lived through Grant’s death and the national outrage that followed, the real-life sets will be just as arresting.

thesis statement for fruitvale station

We have seen the complex depths of black manhood before, from actors such as Sidney Poitier and Denzel Washington, or television’s “The Wire,” or Kanye West’s music catalog. After the described opening scene, we see Grant arguing with his girlfriend which claims that he was cheating on her with another woman.


Grant was 22 years old in the early hours of New Year’s Day, returning home to Oakland with his girl and other friends. sgatement

The feature film premieres nationally on July 12 to plenty of early buzz and rave reviews for director Ryan Coogler’s debut effort, and for performances from actors like Jordan and Academy Award winner Octavia Spencer, who plays Grant’s mother. How to cite this page Choose cite format: On the contrary, the directors also emphasis the time Grant served in prison as well. In the film, a fight starts on the train when Grant encounters an enemy from prison.

Job Board View all jobs. The film started trickling into theaters as the verdict was delivered in the Trayvon Martin case. Mehserle stood, pulled his Sig Sauer P from its holster, and statioh Grant in the back.

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