Many issues throughout the novel, such as insecurities, prostitution, drugs, etc. Baby and Alphonse became extremely close, however, it was not for the right purposes as Alphonse would use Baby for sex and force her to have sex with other men in order to make money and buy drugs for him. Baby demonstrates how woman can be easily manipulated into making the wrong decisions, and only shows how important it is to have parents as good role models. Throughout the novel, it is not only Baby who demonstrates how precious childhood can be – another character, known as Xavier, also helps to display O’Neill’s idea of childhood. Lullabies for Little Criminals Essay Topic: Essentially, looking at Lullabies for Little Criminals from a feminist perspective allowed myself to gain the most insight into the text, as many issues that were presented in the text unfortunately continue to be accurate to our own society.

As a person who always sat in school in English class on a daily basis and was required to write in third-person most of the time, you could imagine that writing in first-person on this blog was not the easiest task at first. However, it is evident that one of the struggles with femininity is building insecurities about your physical appearance, which is something I believe needs to change for girls all around the world. She was taken advantage of sexually by Alphonse, verbally and physically abused by her father, as well as harassed on the streets by other men. During their first encounters, Alphonse told Baby: Prince Charming was able to win over Fiona because of his looks, and was able to manipulate her into marrying him so he could become King. My main concern was the fact that this was a setting in Canada, so where was the government or any services, because it seemed to me as if the issue of child prostitution, etc.

Lullabies for Little Criminals – Essay

This shows that State,ent was hoping to trick Baby into falling in love with him by giving her a flower and giver her compliments. This lullabiees a struggle with femininity for many girls in society because rather than being viewed as the girls that they are, they must now alter their characteristics in order to fit in and be accepted.

It was a gift. I started doing weirder things, that was for sure.


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For example; I was able to connect to Baby getting frustrated with her father, but yet she still gets along with him and has a good relationship with her father. The characters in the novel teach us the importance of self-respect and that to transcend the limitation society places on us, we littld live according to our values and our conscience.

From a readers response perspective, I am able to make my own connections on the text and reflect on previous experiences that Crimihals have experienced that were similar to situations characters were experiencing in the novel. Baby has never been told otherwise and will never understand the dangers of heroin use. I felt so sorry for myself that I hugged myself like a baby.

Lullsbies this, I need to make sure that my oullabies will read my entire blog post to truly understand the ideas I am explaining from Lullabies for Little Criminals. It is clear that Xavier is Baby’s source for. I think it might be something elseā€¦. Women becoming prostitutes use their power by tempting men to have sex with them so they can make money.

thesis statement for lullabies for little criminals

I found a list of stereotypes about women, that relate to the stereotypes that were portrayed in the novel. However, one key object I would like to focus on is a doll that belongs to Baby. These characters and symbols can be classified into distinct archetypes that apply to the meaning of the story of the novel. Baby demonstrates how woman can be easily manipulated into making the wrong decisions, and only shows how important it is to have parents as good role models.

For instance, if I am writing a formal essay and I accidentally used first-person language, I can almost instantly catch that mistake atatement make the proper correction.

Child development is the genetic and internal changes that occur in children during early years.

Lullabies for Little Criminals

Luckily, I figured it out and now I think concept maps are such great tools to use! Without a mother in her life, Baby does not have someone she can lean on for some of the most basic roles of a parental figure, and she grows up feeling ashamed of what she has becomes. While reading this novel, there were many issues brought up that undoubtedly pertained to the role of women, which could also easily connect to women in modern-day society.


The protagonist would often make negative comments about her appearance because she thought that it was necessary for her to look appealing for the opposite sex. Because essays tend to be more formal and written in third person, my blog post will allow me to have a more casual and laid back tone, be opinionated, and connect personally with the audience.

It will be important for me to truly capture the essence of this theme and make sure my audience understands all of my ideas! After spending just a few days with Xavier, Baby states “I’d become less tough since I had started hanging out with Xavier. Where were the social workers and where was any support to help out?

thesis statement for lullabies for little criminals

My final piece within my portfolio will be a concept map. Unfortunately, Baby has become one of the victims of such injustice, which is something that should have never happened, if only her childhood was more stable and delivered what was morally right and good.

Throughout the novel, it is not only Baby who demonstrates how precious childhood can be – another character, known as Xavier, also helps to display O’Neill’s idea of childhood. As I am reading this novel, I am also making some predictions. After getting into a fight with Jules, she attempts to kill herself and says “the edge wouldn’t go through my skin Most blog posts tend not to go past the word mark; however, as you can see, I clearly struggle with surpassing this mark. The perspective that I believe allowed me to gain the most insight to my text was from a feminist perspective.

The easiness of making money through sex shows that some men overlook young women in the novel, even if they are still children, which determines that women are treated like sex objects for pure pleasure. For my main writing piece, I have decided to settle with a persuasive essay, which will focus on the thesis I have stated above.

thesis statement for lullabies for little criminals

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