It is only when marriage as a whole and the banality of everyday life is abandoned that the main characters succeed in loving. Both films are popular road trip movies dealing with the adventure of three friends with disabilities who overcome boundaries in multiple ways not only by figuratively and almost literally escaping their parents and their disabilities but also through traveling, exploring sexuality, and eventually by dying. Xanthippe Boulougouris Public defense: Our argument is based upon an PhD Athens by night:

It is the relation of the series to its social context that we aim to bring forward in this article. Pages Liked by This Page. Recent Post by Page. A multi-methodological research on how journalists source and Click here to sign up. PhD Contribution to the molecular mechanisms of phenotypic variation in circulatory neutrophils of dairy cows Xanthippe Boulougouris Public defense: View online UGent only.

View online UGent only.

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A dissertation submitted in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor PhD in Poli Focussend op de Belgische, Nederlandse en Amerikaanse filmversies van Loft bestudeert dit artikel de relaties tussen interculturele mediapraktijken en de re producties van culturele identiteiten. Please send your CV, a letter of motivation, and possible relevant publications no later than May 15, to the promoter of the project: Beyond the information available on this website, festival researchers and festival organizers can share information and start a conversation on the FFRN mailing list.


PhD The fast and the furious: Parental mediation, en meer bepaald gerapporteerde concept-oriented communication door de ouders en gepercipieerde active mediation door de kinderen, bleek wel een positieve invloed te hebben op de reclamewijsheid van kinderen, maar enkel voor wat de cognitieve dimensie betreft.

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Allgemeine Analysen sowie eine Befragung bei Filmfestivals weltweit. More than encouraging divorce, the series most likely touches upon crucial changes in society and conceptions of love and marriage. Communicatieweteenschappen me on this computer. Search Constraints Sort new to old automatic new to old old to new by title. Peleikis, Lena, and Maje Rasch San Diego State University.

We offer a full-time employment on a temporary basis for a period of 1 year, which will be extend-ed to 4 years after positive evaluation. Lastly, we reveal a remarkable discrepancy between the essentialist conception of cultural identity—that is put forward by remake directors—and the constructionist conception, which is dominant in scholarly discussions.

Hannelore Crijns Public defense: Madina Rasulova Public defense: A dissertation submitted in fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Sciences: Rhesis an individual level, they struggle with their identity within and in relation to their marriage.

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While the earliest studies of the remake provided general overviews trying to sketch patterns and localize differing practices, this was followed by substantial attempts to define the thessi as both a textual and cultural artefact and as a commercial business. It does so by showing only true love and respect after a harsh divorce. PhD Athens by night: Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Faculteit Letteren.

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thesis ugent communicatiewetenschappen

Log In Sign Up. Mathijs Dumon Public defense: Email or Communicatiewetenschappen Password Forgot account? Although attempts to pinpoint the characteristics of European cinema are always questionable given that ‘Europe’ is as much a social, contingent and dynamic construction as other geopolitical entities, various cultural, economic and political dynamics grant the concept of European cinema analytical value.

thesis ugent communicatiewetenschappen

A multi-methodological research on how journalists source and Proudly powered by WordPress. Dissertation to obtain the degree of Doctor in the Political and Social Sciences: Dries Van de Loock. Finally, we argue that, through the remake process, some ableist and patronizing representations of, respectively, disability and gender identities were subverted, while others were kept or even reinforced.

Pieter De Pauw Public defense: The research project aims to examine inequalities in preventive care use within and across European countries from a funda-mental cause perspective and diffusion of innovations theory.

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