EE, more Porter, M. Introducing wave regeneration by wind in a mild-slope wave porpagation model MILDwave, to investigate the wake effects in the life of a farm of wave energy converters, in: You can contact them again a week before your defense to let them know if this number is changed. AA90, more Witten, P. Evaluation of frozen Umbrella-stage Artemia as first animal live food for Litopenaeus vannamei Boone larvae.

It needs to be exactly the same title as approved by the faculty council. Ugent thesis data bank Stimulate intellectual and research competences by promoting independent thinking and creative problem-solving. Stephen Hawking, and his PhD thesis. On the implementation of an integrated platform for phytoplankton automated observation in European coastal waters: Effects of vegetation patterns and grazers on tidal marshes.

Fisheries exclusion in offshore wind farms: Brilliant Marine Research Idea — Extended abstract.

thesis ugent databank

EE, more Torck, M. New ball guides theres xatabank to it. Instituut voor Natuur- en Bosonderzoek: Onderzoek van de hydraulische stabiliteit van deklaagelementen. Hedendaags internationaal zee- en maritiem recht: Scale effects influence on the fatigue crack growth of an offshore steel, in: Relatie tussen zware metaalconcentraties in spinnen en schorren langsheen het Schelde-estuarium.


WoRMS – World Register of Marine Species – IMIS

Metal accumulation and effects of field-exposed zebra mussels; relationship with ecological quality. Preliminary environmental assessment of metal contamination from miningand urban areas: Seizoenale schommelingen van metaalmobiliteit in intergetijdenzones van de Schelde. Fault segmentation, paleostress and paleoseismic investigation in the Dodoma Area, Tanzania: Onderzoek van de ecologische interacties van macroalgen, macrofauna darabank vogels geassocieerd met intertidale harde constructies langsheen de Vlaamse kust.

thesis ugent databank

Kweek van water- en oeverplanten, de bittervoorn en zoetwatermosselen in de viskwekerijen van het Vlaamse Gewest: A study of the structure of the Belgian crust by Moho determination and local seismic tomography. A baseline survey for ecological assessment of intertidal habitat creation and restoration.

ISSNmore S. The impact of a message containing health and ecology aspects related to seafood consumption. De transformatie van een kanarie in een feniks. Building a 4D voxel-based decision support system for a sustainable management of marine geological resources, in: Evolutionary morphology of body elongation in teleosts: Studie over de impact van zandsuppleties op het ecosysteem: EE82, more Leysen, H. Potential gene flow from cultivated poplar into european black poplar populus nigra l.


Het rendement van de Zeeuwse adtabank tijdens de Spaanse Successieoorlog databani EE, more Roose, A.

Ghent University Library

ACM Membership is not required to create a free web account. Between the public and the state: A general outline of the role of Chinese and East Asian maritime space from its origins to c. Stratigrafie en sedimentologie van recente afzettingen in het Zwin. Leveren van wetenschappelijke bijstand voor het uitvoeren van proeven en het opstellen van wiskundige manoeuvreermodellen voor oeverzuigingseffecten op schepen veroorzaakt door talluds, randen van platen en hellende bodem: The PhD Internship Programme offers invaluable opportunity to experience economic analysis, policy and research at the highest level if youre currently studying for a PhD.

PhD job vacancies PhD job positions academic research on fiber composite materials: Head shape dimorphism in European eels Belgisch-Indiase contacten in historisch perspectief.

thesis ugent databank

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