The Thesis Whisperer May 19 at 4: Associate Professor Inger Mewburn Ph. The emphasis here is on the sizzle, not the sausage and this can be viewed as a little, well — academically unsavoury. Biotin suppliment Inadequate availability of this vitamin may cause hair thinning problems. Since biotin can be useful for gluconeogenesis, it regulates the sugar levels inside the blood stream. Annon, my comment was not directed at you.

I wish I had the chance to participate. The emphasis here is on the sizzle, not the sausage and this can be viewed as a little, well — academically unsavoury. As a mature aged part time student juggling work and motherhood, the last thing I need are distractions — and I see 3MT as a big one. Yes, you heard me right. Research Wahlberg Just For Fun. However, all the content on the Thesis Whisperer has been […].

How to win the 3MT a training slide deck. Contact The Thesis Whisperer on Messenger. Search query Search button.

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Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Language wbisperer and it has effects. See actions taken by the people who manage and post content.

thesis whisperer anu

The Familiar Strange Blogger. If Whiisperer had had a grandpa I would have included that in my post. At campus job talks I used my word response repeatedly as a bunch of people asked me this.

You are commenting using your WordPress. I guess I would feel like a bit of a fraud spending my time talking about the area I am working in which I think is sufficiently sexy and importantwhen my own contribution to that area of research may be extremely small.


In Australia it is enrolment peak, with most PhD aun starting before the end of March.

How to be an academic book launch with the Thesis Whisperer – Staff Services – ANU

Reporting Budgeting Assets Ledger integrity. Marketing strategy Marketing materials Digital communication. And I found that very useful when I was first on the job market for precisely those reasons. So for researchers to have these skills of being an engaging talker and being able to briefly tell what your research is and why Joe Bloggs should care is an essential skill!

But perhaps that is the way to win the 3MT — focus not on what you whjsperer doing, but on the field you are doing it in. I am fortunate my own supervisor falls within the first category. Wish I had known about this competition when I was doing my dissertation.

Post was not thesia – check your email addresses! Academic life has seasons, as Les Back so eloquently pointed out in his lovely book The Academic Diary. At present I need to focus on actually doing my research instead of talking about it.

In this short webinar ANU Director of Research Training, Dr Inger Mewburn aka the Thesis Whispererwill take you through some of the common mistakes new researchers make and talk about how to avoid them. I created the famous Thesis Whisperer blog, which has had 4. I am known internationally for my expertise in research and education, wnu has resulted in frequent appearances as an expert keynote speaker at conferences, locally and internationally.


They both died before I was born. I think most students find it daunting because they try to make it a three minutes translation of the last five years of their lives which is clearly not the point. Too close to the beginning and one feels like an tjesis. Thank you for this reminder of the 3MT. You appear to be using Internet Explorer 7, or have compatibility view turned on. A couple of times publishers have disappointed me by making books I’ve been involved with hugely expensive. How to win academic friends and influence people.

Associate Professor Inger Mewburn

It felt awkward to compress my findings as well as cover the initial problem adequately. He then required me to write a word abstract of the dissertation proposal. Campus environment Information about ANU buildings, rooms, gardens, car parks, roads and more.

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