Prep class after prep class after prep class. Geniuses lets call them VN , people who thought they were geniuses Lets call them SK and students like myself. Creating small peer groups across elementary, middle, high school and college of kids who have experienced or currently being bullied to assist one another through that experience. Part of the problem is test preps that are these elevating students who would have no desire otherwise while keeping out some of the more truly interested perspective students. But maybe they will never become someone bigger. Although I know you are making generalizations here, I completely agree.

You are commenting using your WordPress. But sooner or later, there will always be someone or a group that gets super competitive, which ruins the experience. Success is deemed by if you feel fulfilled in your life. I see kids devastated for not making it into TJ. Intergenerational economic mobility is at multi-decade lows, the gini coefficient is at multi-decade highs. They win and progress to the next round. They think they are better than everyone else.

You just need to compare to, you. Now, over ten years later, there needs summwr be a reevaluation of what the point of all of it is. That something could your life mission, could be a dream, a task or a house depending on who you are. Life is about fulfilling something.

Thomas Jefferson – The Middle School Program

My sister and several friends did go to such schools, and flourished, and I am proud of them and for them. I get your point about taking prep classes to make sure you get in because you want to get in, but I think what the original post is talking about are those people whose parents have forced them into prep classes in order to increase their chances of making TJ, when the students in question have little to no desire to go to TJ and may not have what it takes to make tjhsst in TJ.


We know what it feels like to fly. Especially the cake part. Society overall has to change for the TJ problem to change. They all went to college. Consider a theoretical company called Tryna AF.

I Have A Problem With The Nation’s #1 High School – Between Me and You

No need to join the rat race, too early. Here is my actual concluding point. Yes, there is a problem.

I recently lost my academic passion because of the stuff you referred to in your article, but it has returned back recently. Thanks for writing it. This constant competition to be the BEST is interfering with real learning and finding homewwork passion in life.

No one in the work world cares where individuals go to high school—or college, for that matter.

I Have A Problem With The Nation’s #1 High School

Not every kid has the same passions as the writer and attend for the name and rank alone. The instructor must walk the fine line between playing the pedagogue and nurturing the emotional development of a young person into the threshold of adulthood. But all together it was insane. I was a high-achieving, mostly AP student involved in leadership for many organizations, but I had no interest in STEM I wanted to be a journalist then and still doso I did not understand why I needed to apply for this program.


So overall, I made the right choice.

I know plenty of high schools in Fairfax county even where the funds would essentially be flushed down the toilet. When I Became A Server. Sports were a huge part of what I did at TJ.

tjhsst summer homework

However, at times, everyone does this a little. This organization formulated a tjhsdt ago after the suicide death of a young lady in our neighborhood in PW County. That very last part is largely irrelevant to the metaphor. You are wise beyond your years. PS I found this post because an old H. Of the kids that decided to leave TJ after freshman year, there were many who played sports and couldnt balance both at 14 years of age. Life is a journey. His mom made him.

It seems to me that the only solution is to stop ranking high schools and to make it so that other schools get the same sort of funding that TJ gets.

tjhsst summer homework

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