TNB works with one of the major card companies to co-brand a credit card with a local university. Alternate Eligibility contact Point Mr. Individual business managers are required to keep track of other data that show how their area is contributing to the Vision for Legendary Service. Facilities Management works closely with the architect and builder to ensure that requirements are built into the design, specifications are met, work is on schedule, and the budget is managed to plan. IT Information technology xiv. Therefore, at a time when other banks are abandoning branch banking and forcing customers to use remote delivery channels, TNB has opened four new branches during the course of

The other is the ability to build and maintain relationships with customers. Customer service associates do not have desks; instead they have round wooden tables. In a sense, the production and delivery of those services involve the customer. Many courses are available that meet the needs of the organization without any customization. During the EMC annual planning offsite, information is presented by various business divisions and areas, providing insight into the strengths, opportunities, threats, and weaknesses of the business, its products, and its services; customer, industry, and market factors; associate, operational, and supplier capabilities; new federal regulations; best practices; emerging technologies; and competitive factors. In , TNB introduced a broadbanding system that organized functions into job families.

2011 TriView National Bank Case Study

As the reporr started to decline in with the financial meltdown started feedbadk the bursting housing bubble, TNB was able to maintain a strong financial position even though lending dropped significantly. Continuous improvement in processes, products, and services Figure 1. Today, product and service design and the day-to-day production management are decentralized. The goal is to transform all of the remaining branches by the end of Your subunit is eligible in the small business category.


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The partners trlview First National Bank of Southfall inbringing the number of repirt to In each box, include the name of the unit or division and its leader. The bank does not have brokered deposits and only minimally taps into funding methods such as the Federal Home Loan Bank.

The EMC also adopted benchmarking as a strategic tool to identify innovative market solutions. Regulatory agencies are concerned with capitalization, predatory lending, and unfair and deceptive practices.

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Both of these areas are key inputs into the human resource planning process. The EMC prioritizes product development opportunities and allocates funding. The design of the exterior of new branch buildings reflects the architecture of the community. Branch banking Branch banks can have multiple full-service offices.

triview case study feedback report

Award category Check one. This bankwide Trust Team, in turn, sponsors Trust Teams in the business areas and units as illustrated in Figure 1.

triview case study feedback report

Requires mortgage lenders to disclose data regarding their lending patterns. Interstate Telephone Company service organization – 35, employees. Maintaining safe and healthy facilities is the responsibility of the Facilities Management group. The rate comparison provides TNB with an understanding of how competitive its interest rate products are compared to those of the local competition.

Baldrige Case Studies Availability

For example, fedeback feedback report noted that a key opportunity for TNB was that it lacked a process for improving the leadership system. Legendary Service is brought to life when customers think of themselves as lifelong customers.


The workforce is highly diverse and representative of the hiring community and customer base. Many nonbank competitors also operate in North Carolina.

From its headquarters in Raleigh, TNB approves construction loans all over the state. Business-level information is publicly available for traded financial institutions, but more detailed process-level information is closely guarded by TNB as well as by other banks. The process of continuously training new associates to replace the ones that left is costly and inefficient.

The following are some examples of the types of performance analysis that are done: Each newly hired associate studt an orientation that introduces the Vision and the Repirt Model.

Mortgage loans are brokered through real estate or third-party brokers.

triview case study feedback report

Business managers are responsible for aligning the measures and target performance goals with the overall direction of TNB. As new technologies emerge, such as image processing, TNB is able to offer a wider range of products and services to its customers. Send the package via a delivery service e. The Research Triangle area is more than just a high-tech business community; it is rich in academic and cultural heritage.

General provisions Grounds for application of the Standard Provisions of the Standard 2. No reporr at TNB has access to the raw data or data related to managers, departments, or demographic groups.

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