If this is the case, you will likely want the Faculty of Graduate Studies to withhold your work from publication in UVicSpace. All members of your supervisory commitee must sign off on the list of nominees, the proposed examination date, and agree that your full draft of the dissertation will be examinable within four weeks. These licenses clearly stipulate that you own the copyright to your thesis. Use the submission deadlines page to determine your timeline, and schedule your examination as early as possible to ensure that the maximum number of participants can attend in person. A copy for you A copy for your supervisor and a separate copy for your co-supervisor, if applicable A copy for the Reading Room A copy for the Cancer Clinic for Medical Physics grads The Graduate Program Assistant will send your copies away for binding and let you know when they’re ready for pick-up. See UVic’s copying guidelines for more information.

This feature is an very unique process and has major impact, however there is a higher cost associated with it. Remember that you may want to use portions of your thesis in a future publication, article or book. Its much faster and more user friendly. A spiral is a continuous coil looped through a series of holes punched in the pages. The following gives you a general ideal of tasks involved in scheduling the oral.

Once your external examiner has been confirmed, the Graduate Program Assistant will send you the following forms. Skip to global menu. The external examiner can attend via videoconference.

PhD submission procedures – University of Victoria

Blink Wide Format Printing Blink is centrally located downstairs in the Bookstore and can offer unique printing options such as stickers, posters and bannerstands. The Faculty of Graduate Studies will send the external examiner a copy of uvix dissertation. See UVic’s copying guidelines for more information.


uvic thesis binding

Return to global menu. When distributing your thesis, tell your committee when you are hoping to defend so that you can get an idea vinding this is a suitable time for them. Email correspondence is also an acceptible form of permission, provided it takes into consideration all the points above.

uvic thesis binding

biding Skip to primary navigation. The external examiner must be from outside of the university. It is the student’s or the supervisor’s responsibility to send a copy of the thesis to the external examiner and this copy must be identical to the committee’s copies.

Perfect binding puts all the pages or signatures together, roughens and flattens the edge, then a flexible adhesive attaches the paper cover to the spine. Skip to page content.

Do you have thick reference books that seem to disappear from your office? Uivc your supervisor has approved your final version, follow the UVic Library instructions on how to upload it to UVicSpace. Your Supervisor agrees that you are ready to defend Your supervisor must have read your thesis and agrees that you are ready to defend.

MSc and PhD oral defense

Make all revisions after the defense. Do not approach any of the nominees directly. Whether you’re in the planning stages, preparing to defend or completing the submission process these pages will provide you with the information and resources you’ll need to ensure you’re successful each step bnding the way.

Member signatures may be acquired in any order, except that the supervisor s must sign first, and the jvic advisor last. If you require a quote please download the printing requisition or wide format requisition fill out all required fields and email it to printing uvic. Department of Printing Services Online ordering Contact us.


This external examiner nominees form is due no later than eleven weeks prior to your chosen exam date and time, to allow uvuc weeks before your ROE submission and another 32 business days before your exam. Submit a copy of your final draft dissertation to all members of your supervisory committee for review and approval.

Theses and dissertations

This feature is offered through our online ordering site. The Graduate Program Assistant will obtain: A standard pad has sheets.

Sign in to online tools Sign out UVic Search. Thicker than that, an alternative such as spiral binding or three-hole drilling will be necessary.

Thesis and dissertation – University of Victoria

There is a special process for this. Please also ask the Graduate Program Assistant for the Degree Completion Checklist – this list contains all of the steps that you will need to follow to complete your degree requirements. The distribution bindign as follows:. Return to primary navigation. Some of the most common forms or die cutting are; business card slits, title page windows and rounded or curved edges. Return to primary bindng. At the defense you will give a 20 minute presentation followed by questions.

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