The mark is against the latest submission you made Any text based feedback from your instructor A link is provided to any feedback documents attached by your instructor plus a MartingRecord txt file. It is very important that you provide the correct module information as this will ensure there are no delays caused by queries. Late submissions Any submissions within the 24 hour window will be subject to a marks penalty. The Examination Board may accept failure to pass a module when recommending you for an award. Please complete the application form. If your evidence is not in English, you may be able to use a local authority translation service such as that provided by Bristol City Council. If you do not, your marks may suffer.

If you don’t pass all your resits but are allowed to proceed with your award, you’ll need to follow the guidelines below:. All assessments within a module are weighted, so it will depend on which assessment you’ve had the mark removed for. Applications must be received no later than two full working days before the deadline and you must be able to provide relevant, independent evidence. If the module requires that you submit multiple copies of the work eg two copies of a project or dissertation , please ensure that you do submit all of the required number of copies. If there is any discrepancy or if you have a different query about your mark or feedback, please contact your course instructor. This site uses cookies. Submission of hard copies Where there is a requirement for coursework to be submitted as a hard copy, this is usually done via submission boxes located at your campus:

If there is any discrepancy or if you gesit a different query about your mark or feedback, please contact your course instructor. Support processes for assessments If you are unable to submit work or attend an assessment please see our support processes for assessments information.

Missed assessments process

Submission via Blackboard If your assessment is due to be submitted via Blackboard please check the email you receive from us very carefully.


The mark for the component will also be the mark for the whole cursework. Where coursework is submitted online this will normally be through the Blackboard virtual learning environment. A lack of awareness by uae student of the relevant procedure or regulations. If you have a serious infectious illness such as mumps, measles or chickenpox, you should not attend the University even to sit an examination.

Missed assessment process – UWE Bristol: Academic advice

This rrsit uses cookies. When an appeal is unsuccessful it means that the decision of the examining board remains the same and that your academic results will not be changed.

uwe coursework resit

You uwd still have a hour window after the revised deadline in which to submit your work, but you will then receive a mark penalty. If you’ve passed all your resits If you’ve passed your degree, congratulations. Will I need to spend another year at university? Resit Assignments – during the resit period, only the students who are resitting will see resit assignments.

If you have a resit, this is shown in your academic record using a code. You may be able to claim five extra working days to complete your coursework without a marks penalty if you meet certain criteria, including bereavement, serious personal accident or injury or being a victim of crime.

You can find guidance on the assessment FAQ s about how to submit hard copies of work. You will need to provide supporting evidence of the problem you are describing, such as a medical certificate.

In person to room AW, Alexandra Warehouse If you are submitting work by post you must obtain proof of postage for example, by using Recorded Delivery noting the date and time of postage. This will need to be in an electronic format so that it can be uploaded with your form, and it must show that you have been affected for the specific period associated with the deadline.

No, your next opportunity would be counted as a resit.

Assessments Frequently Asked Questions – UWE Bristol: Academic advice

However, you may still be eligible to submit a separate missed assessments application if you are unable to submit the work. To arrange an appointment: Reasonable resir could give you more time to complete your work if you meet the criteria, including disability or medical condition, pregnancy and maternity, or if you are a primary carer.


View the guidance for using Blackboard. In person to room 2B24 or via the general submission box in A block Gloucester Campus students: If a retake is permitted you’ll need to do all assessments again and a module fee may apply. Whilst an application for a five working day extension is under consideration, you should not assume that the extension will be approved.

uwe coursework resit

Please note, even if you have an extension agreed you will still receive the non-submission emails regarding the original assignment submission. You may also find it helpful to see the Case studies and evidence page. If your appeal is unsuccessful, a member of the Complaints and Appeals Team will write to you coursewodk explain why the decision was made this will be via email at Stage One and via a written letter at Stage Two.

Resits results – next steps

If there is a temporary loss of access to online coursework submission caused by a critical systems failure, the University may decide to take the following action:. Students based at Bower Ashton can collect their work from room 0C49a.

uwe coursework resit

Where this isn’t possible, there are final deadlines for making applications at the end of each assessment period. Applications must be received no courseworo than two full working days before the deadline and you must be able to provide relevant, independent evidence.

Marks for exams that take place at other times should be released within four weeks of the date of the exam. This desit can potentially support you in the following ways if your application is accepted:

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