All the external interfaces and the dependencies are also identified in this document. The Wellmeadows Hospital case study PatientId, doctors charge, health card amount, room bill, medicine bill, total amount, No of days, Service charge, Operation theatre,Nursing care, Lab bill. Once the local data models have been validated, the student should demonstrate the view integration approach to create a global logical data model. A case study of travancore medical college hospital kerala india. Help Center Find new research papers in:

PrivateOwner on ownerNo grouping: Figure The future platform architecture The platform consists of seven modules and three. The reasons of using Xampp are: The outputs are the base relations, integrity rules, file organization specified, secondary indexes determined, user views and access rules. Again the student will have to investigate the functionality of the target DBMS to assess whether the new requirements can be made.

As a rule of thumb, if performance is unsatisfactory and a relation has a low update rate and a very high query wellmeadow, denormalization may be a viable option.

Wellmeadows hospital case study er diagram – 3RD YEAR INFORMATICS STUDENTS(SUA) 2012/2013

See also Section Some acceptable differences may be: As an attribute is associated with a particular entity or relationship, remove the attribute from the list. The reasons of using of using such tools like PHP are: User Characteristics This software is developed such that total appearance of the product cade diagram it more user friendly.

Once the local data models have been validated, the student should demonstrate the view integration approach to create a global logical data model.

The details of patients referred to the hospital includes the patient diahram, name first and last nameaddress, phone number, date of birth, martial status, and next-of-kin details name, relationship, address, and phone number. The logical data model can be validated using the technique of nomalization and against the transactions that the model is required to support. You can also manually edit any patient details and issue bill receipt to patient within few wellmeacows.


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Branch on branchNo ordering: This includes integrity rules. Using the interactions created above and using the guidelines provided in Section Step 5.

wellmeadows hospital case study er diagram

The information stored includes hospiital supplier name and number, address, phone idagram fax number. Logical database design — to translate the conceptual representation to the logical structure of the database, which includes designing the relations.

Medical Director The Director is responsible for the overall management of the hospital and must maintain control over the use of resources including staff, beds, and supplies in the provision of cost-effective treatment for all patients. Use examples to illustrate your answer.

Designs caae security measures for the database implementation. Write your SQL so that it can be run many times without an error occurring. Each ward is managed by a Charge Nurse. It describes all the details that the software developer need to know for designing and developing the system.

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The information stored includes the supplier name and number, address, phone and fax number. The information stored includes the patient details as stated earlier see 6 and the date and time of the appointment at the outpatient clinic. This module has following 2 cas modules. From this specification, we identify nouns or noun phrases that are mentioned for example, hospittal number, staff name, property number, property address, rent, number of rooms.


Give an example to illustrate your answer. In this case, the two entities should be merged together.

The code pane automatically scrolls to the html for the selected element and highlights the code. This relieves the user of the responsibility of determining, or even knowing, what constitutes a good execution strategy and makes the language more universally usable see start of chapter. Part 9 Xase Question See also Section The information to be stored includes the requisition number, staff name and number, ward number, item number or drug numberquantity required, date ordered and date received.

An example of a conceptual data model can be found in figure It is important to know the facilities that are provided by stydy DBMS, and understand how to make use of them for physical database design.

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The main purpose of our system is to make hospital task easy and develop software that replaces the manual hospital system into automated hospital management system. Give an example to illustrate your answer.

wellmeadows hospital case study er diagram

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