Project Description Question 3: Please limit your responses to the space provided. Amandine Erikson is the recipient of a College of Arts and Sciences Dissertation Fellowship, a Wenner- Gren Dissertation Fieldwork Grant, and the department’ s Opler Award for Dissertation Wiriting in support for her dissertation, ” An integrative assessment of the pattern and causes of bilateral asymmetry across the human skeleton. Data reduction and analyses will take place over a period of four to six months. If you do not yet have a grant, but would like information about these programs and how to apply, please click here. Furthermore, if any unexpected interviews arise in the field, additional funds for informant compensation i. Non-Indigenous goals will be assessed to determine if their goals represent personal values related to religion, human rights, or education.

I have started my research, but still need funding for a final phase. Read more about Does the Foundation require Letters of Recommendation for my project? Among Indigenous community leaders there was an expectation that non- Indigenous Canadians would be participating intensively, as would the churches that shared responsibility for the operation of the residential schools. In order to access this online application form, you must adjust your browser settings to allow cookies. Can TJ processes be used in a Canadian context where there is a long-standing history of colonization and assimilation of Indigenous populations and no significant regime change has taken place; why or why not? Share Experiences on the Web.

wenner gren dissertation fieldwork fellowships

Knowing this, many Indigenous participants cannot support the transitional justice efforts. Skip to main content. The text here will consist of semi-structured interview transcripts and field notes as well as primary documents and elements of secondary literature. Other Funding Sources Additional sources of funding for anthropological research. Two faces of transitional justice: Can I apply more than once a year for the Dissertation Fieldwork grant?


wenner gren dissertation fieldwork fellowships

You cannot reapply for a grant until you have received notification on your application in process. All or part of my research takes place in a country currently under OFAC Sanctions — are there additional forms or procedures? Not Applicable Not Applicable TRC investigation, monetary reparations, absence of burial excavation.

I am a Wennwr Fieldwork Grantee and my Supervisor is away.

Dissertation Fieldwork and Post-Ph.D. Research Grantees | The Wenner-Gren Foundation

Provide a justification for these additional items, demonstrating why and how they will facilitate the research. Application must be made using the official Dissertation Fieldwork Application Form, and all questions and required attachments written in Gfen.

How do I get my grant paid? Required Attachments Applicants are required to attach the following documents to their online application.

What evidence will you need to collect to answer your research question? These theoretical debates and their practical implications are also moving beyond socio-cultural anthropology and have entered the dialogue of forensic anthroplogists and archaeologists who have become increasingly aware of the impact of their work on living communities Cordner and McKelvieRosenblattStover and Shigekane As applications of non-judicial TJ tools have dramatically increased in frequency around the world HaynerHazanso has the debate surrounding the universality of definitions of justice, justice achievement, and reconciliation Wilson This research contributes to anthropological discussions that debate theories of the universalism of human rights and responses to its violation, such as TJcross-cultural understandings of justice and reconciliation, the origin and nature of law, and power and governance Clarke and GoodaleCowen et al.

Open to all nationalities. In contemporary scholarship, transitional justice TJ frameworks are broadly defined as temporary, judicial or non-judicial inquiries to address human rights abuses after a nation undergoes a change in political regime and oppressed groups have gained political power Hinton Previous study met IRB approval, and revised research questions are pending approval.


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The agreement outlines transitional justice mechanisms typically employed in countries undergoing a political regime change in which the once oppressed have gained political power. Using transitional justice theory and based on data gathered from Vancouver, British Columbia and the lower mainland, the research presented here focuses on the similarities and differences in goals, perceptions of transitional justice efficacy, and the relationship between past and current human rights grievances of Indigenous people.

Wenner- Gren Symposia 8 people. Does the Foundation require Letters of Recommendation for my project? Transitional justice method and theory stemmed from a Western philosophical schema, yet has been applied universally in many non-Western contexts. Help Center Find new research papers in: The proposed research must be viable as a discrete project.

See Budget Guidelines for allowable expenses. The Dissertation Fieldwork grant does not support any pilot projects or initial trips to the field.

Wenner gren dissertation fieldwork fellowships

Theorizing the incommensurability of transitional justice and decolonization in Canada. The text here will consist of semi-structured interview transcripts and field notes as well as primary documents and elements of frllowships literature.

wenner gren dissertation fieldwork fellowships

I am currently a Dissertation Fieldwork Grantee nearing completion of my doctorate. Will you work with academic personnel other than your supervisor while conducting gden

Students of all nationalities are eligible to apply. Set 1 must be paper-clipped NOT stapled and collated as follows:

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