Maintaining leadership activities during your first two years at Western is something that the HBA Admissions Committee places a great emphasis on. As well, I took the initiative to add a new component to the carnival. All I can say is this: Got a question about student life? Give me some time to help you develop a more relevant conclusion. Focus on one that you want to talk about and avoid grouping multiple activities in one description.

I take my students through a curriculum designed to improve their skiing ability, build their confidence, create a supportive and fun learning environment, effectively communicate their successes and areas for improvement and assess their proficiency level at the end of the course. My team and I contacted companies that offered the best deal for inflatables and food machines to plan out the main attractions for the event. Combining the paragraphs just might work. Maintaining leadership activities during your first two years at Western is something that the HBA Admissions Committee places a great emphasis on. How do you accomplish this?

Note, for admissions consulting support, we highly recommend contacting the folks at AdmissionsConsulting. Regardless of how amazing your extracurricular activities are, grammar mistakes or poor spelling can have a seriously negative impact on your report. Got a question questinos student life? In my first year after qudstions my Level 1 instructor designation, I learned the basics of how to teach skiing skills to kids effectively while creating a fun and engaging experience.

I have learned to skillfully approach these companies, articulate a business case, and convince them that advertising in the yearbook is a worthwhile investment.

what are the ivey aeo essay questions

Below are examples of the Ivey HBA essay questions. Aek you don’t use the keywords, it will seem like you are just discussing one leadership highlight in your personality.


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Make sure to use the keywords, the words written in bold in the prompt somewhere in each paragraph as you describe your leadership ability.

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I also helped develop new and creative ways to market the yearbook, including extensive use of social media to create even more interest and a further increase in sales. Find the situations that I indicated in my second paragraph.

what are the ivey aeo essay questions

Throughout the planning, we faced numerous obstacles, like financial constraint and availability of products, thw had halted the process. You should have 3 activities, meaning 3 word essays. My Top 10 Tips: Try to review your previous versions of the essay. It doesn’t fit in with the prompt requirements.

If you have them, then merge them into a smooth discussion for the revised essay.

Ivey Aeo Essay Question

This made me the only committee member assigned to 2 teams. Perhaps there was a time when the members of the dance committee felt lazy or did not want to do their jobs and you took over from them.

All of these skills will be essential in the team-based curriculum at Ivey. My PR team is responsible for raising the profile of our event through media coverage, print, and verbal advertising. My experience coaching and leading a variety of different people has been incredibly helpful, and has prepared me for the intensive group-work that both Ivey and the business world demands.

In the following months after the semi-formal, our attention deviated towards planning our largest annual event, the charity week and carnival.

ivey AEO essay examples?

After you do that and I review your work, I will be able to present wwhat with a more accurate instruction regarding finalizing your content. Real advice from real students. You suggest my second draft is better and I should combine it with my first, but should I focus solely on one event?


Your current paragraphs have more definitive presentations of the skills as required in the prompt.

what are the ivey aeo essay questions

Actually, you should only present one activity that clearly represent the 3 character traits indicated in the prompt. I passed at the top of my class and I am now one of the few instructors with whqt higher certification.

I also lead my team to coordinate with the appropriate teachers and students involved in school activities to source pictures and other information for the yearbook pages. Additionally, my expertise in marketing allowed me to co-lead the advertisement of the carnival.

Remember, you want to show breadth in your activities and experience in a wider variety of domains will allow you to give valuable insight during class discussions. My first activity is being the senior representative in my student activity council. I am the Senior Co-editor of the Metropolitan Preparatory Academy Yearbook, having earned this leadership role after being Junior Co-editor in grade When choosing your top 3 activities to write about, be sure to choose the ones that highlight your leadership abilities, as well as your skills in the aforementioned qualities.

Separate the Grade 10 activity from the Grade 11 activity because I see two different leadership characteristics presented. I think your essay will become more prompt adherent once you complete that process.

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