After your successful thesis defense, your committee may recommend some further revisions to your written thesis. Will this thesis require IBC approval? Graduation audit will be emailed to your wmich. While not required of students entering prior to fall , it is strongly recommended that those students consider taking this course as well. Honors students must enroll in and complete at least one credit of HNRS

We look forward to seeing you there! This course counts toward the Experiential portion of your honors credit hour requirement. You should definitely have regularly scheduled meetings with your thesis chair. What should I do? Does the thesis need to be completed in my major program of study? Submit your final approved thesis After your successful thesis defense, your committee may recommend some further revisions to your written thesis. You will need to fill in your proposed thesis topic, attach a one-page general description of the work to be done.

If yes, you are required to submit a copy of the approval to Jennifer Townsend upon receipt. Even if the instructor is unable to serve as your thesis chair, he or she might be able to suggest a faculty member who is available and who has expertise closely related to your topic.

Likewise, College of Fine Arts students who complete performances that cannot be recorded or reproduced due to copyright restrictions must consult with the dean or associate dean of the honors college regarding alternate documentation.

You should collegf for your defense to take 1 to 2 hours. Read all about it on the Haworth College of Business website. You will be informed what the problems are that must be addressed before the proposal can be reconsidered and are encouraged to make an appointment to come in to the honors college if you need more information.


wmu lee honors college thesis

Students are urged to use caution if they are approached by publishers offering oee publish their theses. Completing an honors thesis is required in order to graduate from the Lee Honors College.

Predatory publishers send unsolicited requests for articles, may send false information about their journals and typically charge large fees to authors.

Graduation Information | Lee Honors College | Western Michigan University

The honors thesis is a long-standing tradition in honors programs and colleges, including colllege Lee Honors College at Western Michigan University. I head that the thesis is supposed to be at least 50 pages or pages or pages or For examples of past honors theses, please visit ScholarWorks. If you choose a topic based on a course you took at WMU, make an appointment with the course instructor to discuss your idea.

Most students find this step to be the most difficult, so do not worry if you are struggling to select a topic. If yes, please contact ler Research Compliance Office at View it as a chance to show off your knowledge, discuss what you might have done differently in retrospect and what you would do if you were to continue this project, for example, as a graduate wmi.

Please also note that if granted, the extension period will typically be for 30 days only. Choose your thesis committee chair in your junior year Once you have settled on a preliminary topic, the next step is to identify a thesis committee chair also collegge referred to as the thesis mentor or advisor. An oral presentation of your work, open to the public; A public question and answer session; A closed-door oral examination with your thesis committee. You should make sure that your whole committee has a final version of your written thesis at least one week preferably two before your defense so that they have plenty of time to review it.


Honors Thesis Handbook

The cording ceremony is a special part of the Lee Honors College graduation during which you may recognize someone who has significantly contributed to your success at WMU by asking him or her to be your corder. After you complete your presentation, allow 5 to 15 minutes for questions from the public audience.

Engineering students may also choose to present their work during the Thesis Celebration Days at the honors college to thfsis for best thesis presentation prizes.

What can I expect from collegr thesis chair? Thesis defense certificate request form. Skip to main content. Thesid you find that you need an extension, you must ask your thesis lee to provide a written petition for an extension. Once you have decided on a thesis defense date, you should submit your thesis defense certificate request form. Quality, not quantity, is what matters in an honors thesis. To be listed in the graduation program you must submit your RSVP at least three weeks prior to the graduation ceremony.

The honors college graduation generally begins with a 5 p. The credit counts toward your honors course credit hour requirement.

wmu lee honors college thesis

Most faculty identify their specific areas of expertise on their departmental websites. The chair should treat you as an advisee or a collaborator, not as an employee or a student completing a specific class assignment. What if my major has a required capstone course?

wmu lee honors college thesis

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