Information on business opportunities and challenges and more. Provides current news releases and publications; country information; standards and codes; fund rates; site index and map. Assists 26 Central and Eastern European Countries to implement structural reforms, promote competition, privatization, and enterpeneurship European Central Bank Web Address: Dedicated to improving U. Identifies servers that focus on trade-related information specific to one country or region and servers covering many countries Registro Mercantil Central. Trade information between the U.

This web site allows you to search the version SIC manual by keyword, to access descriptive information for a specified 4-digit SIC, etc. Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Government Agencies on the Web. In yellow pages, search on name, product Branche , various geographic locators. Werksmans commercial law firm resource guide to establishing a business in South Africa Business in China. Sector trade and investment information CanadExport Online.

Italian Stock Exchange Web Address: Provides information and contacts on Maquiladoras in Mexico.

manual djas afip gov

Overseas Private Investment Corporation. Each article spells out exactly what you need to do, and has links to relevant Web sites. Address if free — if you want more information financial, etc. Networking organization that provides Iranian curriculuum information, conference organization, and Iranian-American advocacy to lift US trade sanctions on Iran.


www.afip.gov.ar en el link curriculum vitae

Provides technical information and their publications; county statistical offices; libraries; statistical links; international organizations.

Internet serach engine designed to specifically meet the needs of international business people.

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Trade with Sub-Saharan Africa. Provides objective trade expertise to both the legislative and executive branches of government, determines the impact of imports on US industries, and directs actions against certain unfair trade practices. Online business and market newspaper for Australia. African Studies Center Web Address: Trade Development Alliance of Greater Seattle.

www.afip.gov.ar en el link curriculum vitae

United Nations Home Page. Contains a directory of Croatian companies, opportunities of business exchange in Croatia, and ecnomic reports Croatian Information Documentation Www.afip.ggov.ar Agency. Information about Lesotho Government of Lithuania. Ministry of Foreign Relations.

Also other Romanian website links. Gouden Gids Online Web Address: Giving business a seat at the table in promoting an open system of world trade, finance, and investment US Department of Agriculture. Information about the geovernment of Canada Federal Government of Germany.


This web site allows you to search the version SIC manual by keyword, to access descriptive information citae a specified 4-digit SIC, etc. Directory of Danish Exporters. Information about Www.afip.gov.ag Government of Mongolia. Free search of 4 million French companies.

Ministry of Foreign Relations Web Address: Searchable by various criteria. Business, maps, dictionaries, tourism and travel, organizations and associations, government agencies, periodicals, documents, statisitics… Golden Pages. Information about Lichtenstein Location: Do you prefer junk food to healthy food?

Customs Service web site.

Global Chicago Consular Corp. Export Directory of Denmark: Statistics Ecuador Web Address: Official export credit agency for the U.

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