Please check out the video for more detailed talk. But I did hear that SAT is sort of the main exam they would look at since it’s a national exam in your own country, so I would advise you to study hard now and worry about the scores later! I feel as though UIC is still relatively unknown so it is very difficult for me to find someone that I can look to for guidance during the application process. Countries that are in the Apostille Agreement will have a designated institute in the country issuing the Apostille ie ensuring that the copy is a true copy. But, seriously this blog is great!

I am either an English or Korea native speaker and I decided to apply to UIC a week ago when there is just a month left till deadline. I know that once you apply you are eligible for a scholarship but that is only if you get a high score during your admission process. Which is why it is really hard for me to know how much of a chance I have of being accepted since the internet has like no information on this. As a new college of Yonsei University, UIC envisions new paradigm of undergraduate education by offering its liberal art education. Your friends and family will not run away. And new friendships are what college life is all about right? Please check out the video for more detailed talk.

Citizens of countries not in the Apostille can only get the Consular Confirmation.

yonsei uic essay

Hi William, I saw your previous comment regarding your academic achievements and I have actually about the same grades, do you mind me asking ynsei you managed to get the admission scholarship?


Application form with passport size photo attached This is where you fill in your name, age, etc.


Also is the acceptance really rigid or do Ezsay have a fair chance? Also, what is the grade range like for econs students? If you are really keen on doing pre-med at Yonsei, I would suggest that you really take out 1 year to study at KLI in Yonsei or any other Korean universityfor a couple of reasons. I would really appreciate your help!

WHY UIC? – ‘a house built on the rock’

It will help you learn faster too. It will be hard but if you feel like you are ready to go away and it is truly what you want, it will be worth it.

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There are several reasons but I honestly applied all over the world. I intend to apply to Yonsei, department of pre-medicine. There are also many MNCs operating in Korea that are looking for employees with international background. yonxei

You get those by attending certain events, concerts, lectures or special small group events hosted by your Residential Assistant one of your seniors who get assigned groups of students to help. May I know if it’s ok to let any teacher or the school’s general office fill this up? Hmm I think you should email the admissions office at this email: Is it advisable to take the SATs? Language proficiency in Korean is only required if you intend to take courses that are taught in Korean.

Admissions is based on your score in the document review round points with all your extra curriculars, grades, achievements, essays etc and the interview round points so yeah: So it was troubling for someone as last minute as me deadline was 1st Apr and I was trying to transfer on 30th Mar D: So suggest some Uni that are easy to apply and selection no interview and all.


Application – studyinkorea

yonsej Since Korea is not a common destination, I also had worries about finding jobs. I know that they do not accept pre-med applications in Fall, only Spring.

yonsei uic essay

In your application process, do you submit your middle-school transcripts, as well? But I hope essat your application went smoothly: But my friend from Indonesia who went for the face-to-face interview said her interview was fine. In the end I just mailed the carbon copy of the telegraphic transfer form I filled in.


I hope that can be helping in gauging. I will send one just in case. I’m sorry but I can’t find the Wonju website in English there seems to be some technical error D: Hi there, I am happy to hear that you are in UIC, I was wondering if you would be willing to help me a bit? I am so sorry for all the questions, but I really do appreciate all the info. And what is the percentage like? Despite the cost being high it is still lower compared to many other international universities. I want to ask if i can still send an email to you to ask some questions about the application yonsej

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