Each Project course is designed for students in that particular stream. There are no formal lectures. Go to the professor’s office and talk to them in person! A professor is a docotor – they have earned a Ph. To avoid research delays, such approvals see below should be obtained by the second term of study.

The statement should contain details about each publication: Only in exceptional circumstances will an academic petition for a retroactive leave of absence be granted. Not unless they tell you that you can. This is the big one, and here are a few pointers: Many other higher education and environmental research institutions offer field courses. This is a really important point.

Profs get a ton of these emails from all over the world, and quite often treat them as spam dealing with them accordingly. Please make the deposit payable to York University and only certified cheques and money orders accepted.

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Students should submit a draft to supervisor at least 3 weeks ahead of the exam. If they take you on, they are taking a very personal interest hohours your development and future success.

yorku honours thesis biology

Click on the form name to go directly to the form. It is always advisable to have an idea of what you’d like to do for your project when you register See below An incredibly common statement I hear from students when they are looking for projects months in advance is “But all the popular professors get picked first, so I have to talk to you now! Who is the person I talk to about the Honours Project? A bus leaves the main Keele campus everyday between 7: Students should not contact the external examiner directly themselves.


Prerequisites The prerequisites for field courses are indicated in the module descriptions; you must have the necessary prerequisite courses to enrol. The Supervisory Committee for M. Each field course module will be 3. I encourage you to explore the wide range of possibilities offered by Biology and I offer my best wishes for success.

The Supervisory Committee should be consulted as to the expected content of the proposal, as this varies among fields of study.

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Consider this a job interview. The thesis involves considerable self-directed work and must reflect critical thinking and analytical skills and an understanding of the scientific method. If the student passes the exam the transfer to Ph. You will need to have an advisor uorku a thesis topic listed on the registration form.

Both the supervisor and the committee member s must be members of the Biology graduate program. For additional questions, email biology yorku.

This can establish a more effective working relationship, avoid misunderstandings and better facilitate the student’s timely progress through the program. Biology is a little different, and you would have to talk with Prof. The Supervisory Committee for Ph. Show billogy initiative and demonstrate that you are really interested. Can I use a Professor’s First Name? FGS requires valid copies of all ethics, animal care and biohazard approvals.


Students are required to 1 submit a detailed research proposal pages at least 1. Students working in laboratory settings must complete WHMIS and other safety courses, as applicable, prior to research.

yorku honours thesis biology

The Examining Committee for the Ph. If there are preparatory readings required for a particular module, the instructor will contact you ahead of time so you can complete them. This means that you would be full-time in the lab for the SU-only project.

Preliminary Examination within 18 months of entering the program in order to continue in the Ph. Thre are 2 reasons for this:. Note that if you talk with a professor before being allowed to enrol, you ibology need to reconfirm with the professor and get their signature Please note that if your gpa is on the lower side, you may be required to find a professor first There are no formal lectures in this course.

The field course fee might or might not cover the cost of transportation to the field site, please consult the module description for details. There will be no exceptions.

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