We have deeply ingrained cultural values that make this possible – continue reading to learn more about how we work. Application I applied through a recruiter. Login Request Product Demo. You have at least 4 years of product management experience. Interview Questions I was asked technical questions about trees and graphs.

Toggle navigation Get started Overall it went well Interview Questions Read a file, each line reading a list in the format: Interview Applied online and got a reply for an online coding assessment. In our example the mean happened to equal the median 3. I explained why this misses many cases, though he remained unconvinced. Sales Director of Sales Enablement.

Flag this Item Cancel. Experience building and maintaining complex JavaScript frontend Experience with browser frontend libraries or frameworks React, Ember. In this role, you will own a key initiative on our upcoming roadmap pertaining to our healthcare insurance experience for our customers. Loading it with data Whatever you call them, employee handbooks are documents that all employees at a company should receive, often on their first day.

I received referrals from two employees, both of whom were generous and supportive when I reached out to learn more about the company.

Senior Product Manager (Benefits) – San Francisco | Zenefits

Toggle navigation Get started. I passed all requirements and scheduled a technical phone interview.


Get Started Want to see how Zenefits can help your business? The day after I submitted the test, I heard back from a recruiter saying they wanted to bring me on-site the following week. Research and understand customer requirements.

Mandatory Employee Rights Notices

How to create an effective employee handbook. Research and understand competitive offerings.

Interview Questions General logic related coding questions like complicated fibonacci series kind of questions and such. The two engineers asked me to code several algorithms and datastructures, nothing surprising or too difficult.

7 Employee Handbook Examples You Should Steal From

Here are six great employee handbook examples worth reviewing: Building this highly integrated platform requires a high degree of collaboration across various functions such as product management, design as well customer facing operations and support teams. What if you went to work each day knowing your efforts are making life better for employees?

zenefits cover letter

zenfits A senior-level people and talent executive, Pat brings a unique practitioner point of view to the five-person board and extends its diverse mix of HR technology, operations, engineering, and investment leadership expertise.

Job Title Invalid title. You should have received an email from us with a registration link.

zenefits cover letter

The interviewer was 20 minutes late to the phone screen, and wasn’t very interactive. Zenefits was founded with a belief that work is worth celebrating. Our support team is waiting to help you. Setting up your account The first thing to know is that there is no law requiring you to have a handbook. We bring the zen to Zenefits with weekly meditation classes, gym memberships, paid volunteer coved off, and team events.


zenefits cover letter

Research and understand cases from customer support, operations, account management, and sales. Request a new registration link.

Employee Handbook Examples You Should Steal From

Toggle navigation Get started The interviewer asked me about my courses and what projects I’ve done and allowed me to ask questions back. It was scheduled 3 zenefitx. The HIPAA Privacy notice provides an explanation of how Zenefits may use and disclose personal health information to help with general claims reconciliation and claims processin It said I failed the interview. Senior Product Manager Benefits.

Application I interviewed at Zenefits in May Coer degree in Computer Science Engineering or equivalent.

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