The company that can effectively complement what Zespri needs will be a good choice. As for the qualitative methods, it can help Zespri discover problems in the markets. In doing so, they will have liquidated machinery, land, and a large amount of expenses that each supplier entails. Zespri has high growing standards but due to the ideal climate to grow kiwifruit in New Zealand there are a lot of suppliers, which means supplier power is low. However, it takes some time to see the improved sales, thus, asset turn over went down. Zespri has been able to achieve this by marketing their higher quality then competitors.

So, with no changes of the original products, Zespri needs to set up a new supply chain for the Kiwifruit Juice according to the New Zealand Kiwifruit Export Supply Chain model as Exhibit 4 shows. This will determine if there are any threats of new entrants or substitutions, the degree of buyer and supplier power, as well as the degree of rivalry. The final step in the short-run is determine the final plan of the new marketing mix strategy based on the market research data and the analyzing results as well as the current situations of Zespri internal and external environment. Upon investing in additional television advertisement slots, print advertisements, and hopefully an attempt to launch an online ad campaign, Zespri can continue to grow their brand through strong awareness and an outreach to a broader customer demographic. Conducting extensive research in these areas will allow Zespri to gain a better understanding of how to optimally run their company while achieve the largest possible profit margins at an efficient rate. How about receiving a customized one?

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There are two categories of data collection after the market reasrch: It also presents an inspiring story of determined entrepreneurs succeeding against tough odds. Most of debts are short term liability. They solely focus on kiwifruit which makes its possible for them to be the best at producing it. In the future, Zespri will continue to benefit from this strategy since it allows them to have long lead times to adapt their kiwifruit.


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zespri case study harvard

Kiwi fruit supply in general is highly regulated and a largely exported commodity. They must invest largely in educating the consumer on the benefits of their kiwifruit in relation to that of their competitors. Equity turnover ratio measures how much revenues sales are generated for one dollar of total equity. As an established kiwifruit produce company with unique product assortment, sales will not decline from a decreased scale of operations.

In the future this importance Zespri has placed on customer service will surely continue to pay off. Services are another very important primary activity that adds value through customer support. For example, China may be a good choice for Zespri because China has the capacity to produce large amounts of kiwifruit and there is cheaper cost of labor and land. Finally, for students whose conception of Nigeria is stufy too often reduced to simplistic headlines, this case offers a more stuy look into the complexities, potential, and aspirations of what may be one of this century’s most dynamic and important economies.

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When managers decide to make a decision for new strategy, the decision criteria should be considered as follow:. Kiwifruit could be replaced directly or indirectly by many alternatives in the market. In this case, the grower or the supplier own and control Zespri.

Despite of the higher production of China, it had become a net importer of fresh kiwifruit. Firstly, Zespri and its competitors must market themselves with a differentiation strategy.

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According to those data, we can conclude that they cannot jarvard with New Zealand cause other countries do not have the management and financial support from the government as comprehensive as Zespri has. Zespri is the leading marketer of kiwifruit worldwide.


ANZ Case study 3: In conclusion, this contingency plan will be very beneficial for Zespri.

Keeping Zespri in an advantage position in the Kiwifruit industry. Harvarc order to implement the new marketing mix strategy properly, the implementation process will be a combination of a short term plan and a long term plan that contains these steps as follows.

Much like the short-term implementation process, Zespri will sink a larger portion of revenues into research and development. Since kiwifruit is a niche market, buyer power is very high.

zespri case study harvard

From the exhibit 16, it demonstrates that New Zealand has the highest average net market returns and grower returns fromcompared with Italy and Chile. Rather, their focus is on connecting the market and its requirements and translating those needs back to the people who grow and pack the fruit, ensuring the product is in the right market at haarvard right time and within each market’s specifications.

Case study 3: Zespri

This is necessary since kiwifruit is a niche fruit that can be easily substituted for another fruit. This, to studh extent, gave an impetus to the development of all types of kiwi to have more attributes that customer wants which was more effective than other companies under different structures.

Secondly, Zespri has the experience to produce high quality and high yield fruits and they got the patent protect. Since there harvarrd a lot of suppliers in New Zealand, supplier power is low.

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