The blueprints were then presented to the business for solution design signoff. The competition also has the same market research and promotional opportunities as Zespri. Akinyanju and Oduntan believe many of the issues constraining Nigeria’s poultry sector can be alleviated with relatively simple solutions—and that doing so can open tremendous growth opportunities for their businesses and the country as a whole. Business focus and functions. We will write a custom sample essay on Zespri Case Analysis specifically for you.

As a result, when processes are enhanced and improved as part of business as usual activities, it is now easier for process documentation to be maintained in a closer to real-time manner. Zespri must market all their suppliers in order to be sure consumers are aware of their product and where it comes from. In doing so, this will create an added interest of the companies success long-term for the farmers and will act as an added source of capital to the company. Quality management is very important since Zespri markets a differential strategy to its consumers on being top quality, this is done by allowing two way communication with growers and retailers. The primary activities that Zespri has are outbound logistics, marketing, and services.

In the future the outbound logistics will continue to be excellent and grow and adapt by new technology but they are currently able to successfully move million trays of kiwifruit a year. Zespri has high growing standards but due to the ideal climate to grow kiwifruit in New Zealand there are a lot of suppliers, which means supplier power is low. By doing this Zespri ensures future success due to being able to have proactive growing practices as well as being able to continue to differentiate their product from other substitutions by educating dolution consumer on the added benefits of kiwifruits.

These were then cultivated by a horticulturist.


Case study 3: Zespri

Since grocery retailers generally stock many different varieties of fruit, kiwifruit is only one of many fruits fighting for solhtion. Technology development is a very critical support activity that must be invested in. Since this is a niche fruit, many consumers could easily substitute kiwifruit for a different relatable fruit.

In order to avoid this occurring, Zespri must educate consumers on the unique nutritional value of kiwifruit and more importantly on how their product has better nutritional value. In doing so, they will have liquidated machinery, land, and a large amount of expenses that each supplier entails.

The social impact of supplying Solutlon fruit is huge at this point as it affects the lives of the growers and customers who are demanding more of it. The Zespri brand sets the benchmark for guaranteed excellence and delicious, nutritious kiwifruit. The goal of Zespri is to increase production and sell more kiwi fruit however the production is coming at a cost to the environment.

The economy in this situation is on the rise with demand increasing as well as overall expenditure on kiwi fruit per capita. Long-term, Zespri may be able to increase suppliers globally.

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Zespri Case Study BPS by Nishant Bhatia on Prezi

And indeed, as embodied by Nigeria’s status as a net food importer despite having 80 million hectares of potential agricultural land, the challenges are considerable.

The SCE project had to ensure that its outcomes were aligned to supporting business processes. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Animal feed is excessively expensive, driving up poultry production costs and limiting production volumes; illegal poultry imports threaten food safety while undercutting prices of domestic product; corruption is rampant; debt is exorbitantly expensive; commercial real estate is sparse; and electricity is unreliable.


Project Summary Zespri had selected Business Process Modelling Notation as their standard for enterprise wide process documentation, and after evaluating various tools, adopted Signavio as the modelling tool going forward. Zespri has many primary and support activities that add value to the organization due to the effective and efficient management and proactive approach.

Recent research has proved that the kiwifruit is one of the most nutrient dense fruits. Zespir the future, Zespri will continue to benefit from this strategy since it allows them to have long lead times to adapt their kiwifruit. We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails.

zespri case study solution

The support activities that Zespri has are technology development and company infrastructure. Firstly, Zespri and its competitors must market themselves with a differentiation strategy. Without these valuable primary activities Zespri would not survive. In order to implement our initial plan in the short-term, Zespri has to simply continue to maintain their business operations as they normally have in previous months.

zespri case study solution

Consumer response has been positive and Zespri has begun to grow kiwifruit outside of New Shudy in order to have the product on retail shelves year round.

Zespri has proprietary rights for the Gold variety, which allows them to produce gold kiwifruit in other countries. How about receiving a customized one?

zespri case study solution

Threat of substitution of kiwifruit is very high. After the Zespri brand was launched inexports of Zespri Gold kiwifruit began the following year.

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