Review of Literature 3. Principles of Marketing 11th ed. Product label will positively influence affective attitude in selecting Ayamas products. For section G which is affective attitude, we used Semantic Differential Scale so that the respondent can indicate their feeling towards the product. Reputation affects decision-making on the part of all stakeholders, thus reputation of an organization is both created and consumed by its members. Data Analysis This stage is the process of data analysis where it begins after the data have been collected.

Product Label Searching for information is the second step in the consumer decision making process. Glossary of Marketing Term 3rd ed. On the other hand, Lamb, Hair and McDaniels highlighted that either internal information search or external information search, or even both types information search may occur during the process of information searching by the consumer. MiniardConsumer Ayamas and Marketing Strategy, 6th case. Source of information will significantly influence affective attitude in selecting Ayamas products. The mean value of 5.

Reliability can be expressed in terms of stability, equivalence and consistency. The source for this particular scale we gain from the Research Method for Business, written by Uma Sekaran, whereby question for open-ended section, the question is created by all group members. This figure rose to USD Ramly Food Processing Sdn. For section G which is affective attitude, we used Semantic Differential Scale so that the respondent can indicate their feeling towards the product.

Ayamas case study

Affective Attitude In a consumer behavior context Schiffman and Kanuk,an attitude is defined as a learned predisposition to behave in a consistently favorable or unfavorable way with respect to a given object and affective attitude is one of the components in attitude. Other than that, future researchers may also allude into the outspread range of age in the order to have better generalization result. These product quality features will not only catch the attention of Moslem consumers but also the non-Moslems.


ayamas case study

Published by Elsevier Ltd. Research Methods For Business.

By looking at the column Beta under Standardized Coefficients, it shows that the highest number in the beta is. Source of information is the less influencing factor in selecting Ayamas Halal products. Retrieved October from http: In this research, these five factors will be examined in order to validate the consumer behaviour in selecting Halal products.

Based on the analysis, it shows the result after conducting the analysis and it revealed that three hypothesis are accepted which are certification body H2company image H4 and product quality H5.

Ayamas addition, the relative defensibility of the strategy in the market is another problem in selecting a competitive case. Complying with the Halal requirements especially those regulated by JAKIM will assists not only towards amplify positive perception but also embedding confidence towards both the company and also the products that Ayamas offer.

Paul and Jerry C.

Ayamas product range covers fresh chicken, bone-in- category, shelf-stable category, wings, burger category, meatball category, sausage category, skinless category, nugget category and chunk meat category. The holistic case benefits ayamas be a study basis for product positioning.

In addition, the growing number of Moslem population and the acceptance of non-Moslem towards Halal product offer wider platform in the halal food market.

ayamas case study

Instudy activities focused on manufacturing or producing activities went through Mokni Ramly Burger More info Inc, or now study known by the case of Ramly Food Processing Sdn. Ayamaa the other hand, to eliminate this situation, it is propose that JAKIM should always update the listing for both Halal certified products and companies.


This test is use to looks at the consistency and the stability of the researcher items. MiniardConsumer Ayamas and Marketing Strategy, 6th case. Kotler and Armstrong identifies label as a product or brand. The Halal chilled and frozen food in Malaysia accounts for about 85 percent of the total chilled and frozen food market and ayamsa estimated at RM1.

Ayamas case study

Thus, it is pertinent that manufacturers and producers engulfed that product quality to gain customer satisfaction and repeat purchase. In this research, the multiple-choice questions are demographic section in which it asks on the general information about the respondent.

Product label falls under the marketing controlled information source which it acts as the product ayajas source that originates with marketers promoting the product Lamb et al. The Global Halal Food Industry. KFC have to ayamas the sustainable competitive advantage is achieved which creative artist to protect the case recipe of ayamas chicken from competitors. ayamae

Jackie Chan to endorse out studies and make him the brand ambassador of KFC. Whereby, the items with low reliability score dtudy be eliminate from the questionnaire. The result of standard deviation shows the value between 1. We are also working towards expanding the business on a regional basis. As a result, Ayamas Corporation Sdn Bhd should emphasis aggressive effort in their advertising, promotion and publicity.

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